Silentnight- Similar to Silverest, Silentnight was a warg and main creep leader that led the creeps against the freeps in probably the hardest times a creep has had to go through and probably even the book 6 era. Back when delving corruptions did not exist and creep dps was equivalent to a sweet, little bunny, Silentnight's vigor proved otherwise. Silentnight was also the first rank 5 creep of Gladden, being a very impressive feat back in those days of hardship for creeps. In opposition to Silverest, he made raids to oppose his forces somewhat successfully and help engender some great fights in the prebk12 era. He is credited for making creeps be able to work together at such a low rank, even with being so weak at the time. It is said he is fighting Silverest in a legendary, endless battle in the wilderness as we speak. -Ewoc contribution

Clean- Affectionately known as "Uncle Creepy", Clean was fortified by his bravado of many characters. A well-known and vital commodity of creepside, Clean was a palpable essence for all the Moors in the days of prebk12, book 12-14, Moria, and spanning somewhat into SoM. Whether alongside the SOTWH, Conscripts, or just roaming solo unleashing havoc on unsuspecting freeps, he was a brash individual that would make his presence felt through the gnash and gash of his teeth and snarl of his personality. He was one of the few on either side to have multiple creeps to rank 6 at a time where achieving such a feat was quite the trek. - Ewoc contribution

Cloak- Synonymous to his name, this warg was one that made up the elite warg pack ordained by Silentnight. Early on in prebk12, he was noted as one of the most prolific silent assassins for the Creeps, grabbing his victims by the jugular, only before their death could you hear a faint whisper in the dark. - Ewoc contribution

Slaps- A warg considered by many other wargs to be a foreigner, he earned his respect on the field of battle early on in the prebk12 days, slightly into book 12. Distinguishing himself with his strange accent as a vagabond from Gundabad (to our RL ears, sounding like a Russian dialect), he was commissioned by the Witch King himself to be assigned to an elite warg pack, mainly with the likes of Cloak, Clean, and its leader, Silentnight. He would be noted as one of the original rank 7 wargs in prebk12. - Ewoc contribution

Cuomo (Tolkmit)- Far be it from a minor addition to the ranks of Creepside, Cuomo was a pivotal player for the SOTWH early on in their inception, making up the elite contingent of warleaders for the Blender. Before he became corrupted and left Freepside, Cuomo was known as a reserved, but effective hunter by the name of Antilles in prebk12. Seeing his potential, he was requested to come over to Creepside from the promising upstart leader Genbu in book 12 with the guarantee of absolute dominion over their enemies with the idea of the Blender. Intrigued, Antilles accepted the ancient Angmar magic and transformed into Cuomo, serving as one of Genbu's top Lieutenants. Perhaps his most significant achievement during his prime was his was being the first warleader to get 5 stars. As he grew in strength, and with SOTWH dissipating over the span in Moria after being so dominant in book 12-14, Cuomo looked to take initiative of this opportunity to step in and assume more of a leadership role. With the help of his long-time friend going back to his days on Freepside in Aterju, Cuomo seized the opportunity to utilize his own tribe in the Vile Servants of Dol Guldur and lead at times against the Freeps, before Didnthurt and Vurgash assumed more permanent roles in the leadership positions for creepside, Cuomo pushed back the ranks of Freeps in SoM. Once he had made his dent in the Freep armies, he decided to step away for a time, not returning until the time of Helm's Deep, and now is looking to reassert himself in Osgiliath, bringing along an evil terror thought long passed. - Ewoc contribution

Aterju (Novafett)- Another Freep fallen from grace, his downfall would transition to malignant purpose under the banner of the White Hand as a warleader. Aterju was yet another shield to form the unyielding wall of Blender's warleaders. With his comrade Cuomo, he would co-lead the Creeps in SoM, but would leave for a short time to Meneldor before coming back reborn as Novafett, believed to have made his power increase 10 fold. Before that time though, as the elf hunter Ustoc, he became enticed by the lure of the dark side, as the warleader would battle alongside his friend Cuomo with whom he joined with seeing the conquests that had been made by the SOTWH. Through his many battles that he lead and participated in, he may soon make a prominent return to infamy. - Ewoc contribution

Clibni- One of the most elusive wargs/players to ever step foot on Gladden, Clibni was infamous for her coveting of her 5 star rating. Valistar would put bounties on her head to bring down the warg, as he would send his raids all throughout all the Moors to take her rating, even through the highly fortified areas of Dar Gazag if need be. She would usually be solo, usually only coming out for her enemies at their weakest point to strike to avoid death. Though highly annoying and hard to kill, she provided a certain spark for the Moors as she was one of the people that is credited with making starhunting a popular sport. With stars disappearing in RoI, there was no more reason for her to hang around as it wasn't quite the same without those shiny gems to make her goal. -Ewoc contribution

Hydrain- Thinking back on it, Hydrain was the 2nd transfer behind Nodeninja to arrive on Gladden's domain to explore its wild regions rife with chaos, hailing from Arkenstone. Hydrain arrived into a situation that was ripe for the taking, as the Creeps of the SOTWH had assumed a dominant display of destruction to the forces of Kalib and Valistar, yet they still hung firm throughout the battle in book 12-14. While forming his impact on Gladden, he proved to be a fierce fighter to those he faced. However, even with his Arkenstone accolades attributed to him, he had no idea the skill and elite level that was present on Gladden. Through crucibles of 1v1s, he went from WASDing noob to a mouse-turning expert and became one of the better reavers on Gladden that would be a force for years to come. Hydrain became Gladden's 2nd rank 9 reaver behind Azhaudh, and then briefly transferred to Elendilmir until he realized its ineptitude and came back to his true server love. -Ewoc contribution

Genbu- He was a Warleader that was known in the pair,"The Twins", referring to him and his brother, Aeons. Genbu grew in power as young creep by the name of Byakko, his warg, in the early creep raids before he was a household name in book 12-14. He would be co-responsible for creating the "Blender", a raid composed of a plethora of wls and reavers, save a few other classes here and there, with the wls systematically bubbling so that the reaver does not die. He and his brother organized 1v1 events here and there in west HH to make it more traditional for Gladdenites to fight there. A reason Genbu and his brother were revered is their respect for 1v1s by simply seeing them and not zerging them. I recall a time I was fighting Cyclic and the whole raid watched me fight him without interrupting, as well as Genbu fighting me and the raid not interrupting. One of Genbu's top generals, Vurgash, learned much from his predeccessor, but would never be the great leader that Genbu was, but would eventually make a kin of his own to combat freeps, though not as successful as the Soldiers were. He was also the leader of the elite creep raid kin, Soldiers of the White Hand. His reign lasted from book 12-early Moria, and was seen sporadically in SoM with a group of old friends, but did not reform his empire. He then vanished without a trace (but not really, just for dramatic effect). It's rumored him and his brother will soon return again, unleashing their old forces upon the freeps, making their wrath known once again. -Ewoc contribution

Aeons- Brother of Genbu, Aeons was one of the co-leaders for the kin Soldiers, later making another kin comparatively in might to Soldiers called Conscripts of the Iron Crown. He is a co-founder of the "Blender". He also was one of the highest ranking wargs on Gladden , being the first warg/creep to hit rank 11 on Gladden. As Genbu was generally busy with bubbling creeps, Aeons was the one more responsible for calling targets in the raid to make the Blender a deadly force. His reign also ended in early Moria and was seen sporadically in SoM and taught one of his top generals Vurg his ways, tho put to ill use by Vurgash. -Ewoc contribution

Angoth- This highly-esteemed Uruk-hai warleader from the deadly cold depths of Angmar represented his origins well, a true Tyrant of Angmar, his icy blade steeply engraving scars of hate for the race of men and others that dare oppose him. When Silentnight, Medluk, and other leading members of the Creeps slowly drifted away, there was a void in leadership in prebk12. It would be up to this up and coming soldier to rally the forces of the Ettenmoors to repel against the rising strength of Freeps with the arrival of Gleefelin, who took over in the wake of Silverest disappearing. He was underrated in this regard, and would hold the Creeps with high hopes that victory would be achieved. He would be an inspiring figure to at the time unknown Genbu, would as a mere soldier at the time under Angoth, would become one of the most feared Creep leaders in Ettenmoors [[#|history]], as Genbu would surpass his mentor in rankings, even with Angoth being one of the first rank 7 warleaders. With his time being short as a leader, had it not be for his guidance to the mangy sluggards of Gramsfoot, the Ettenmoors may now have been in the hands of the Freeps. His peak was in book 12-14-SoM like many others, but he has made appearances in recent history, though it is believed Angoth turned his attention to train new recruits in Gramsfoot as a Quartermater, though under a pseudonym, [[#|hardening]] them before battle. -Ewoc contribution

Urgbuz - She is one of the sweetest people you can meet in game, but when she's in raid mode/1v1 mode (on warden) kickin booty and takin names, watch out! Urgbuz started in between book 12 and 14, the "Era of the Defiler" in book 13. She's described by her persistence to excellence and diligent work to prove herself. An example that can be drawn upon is when the Soldiers were the dominant creep tribe, and in order to gain entry into the tribe, you had to have at least 2 good maps and ample rank (and obv know what you're doing). Urg went above and beyond the call of duty, and even got her good map to Isen, which is a pita to get and very few have them. As she gained entry into the tribe, she became one of the key wls to make up the blender raid, gaining much respect for her great heals and work in general. At the rank of 5 when she had gained enough individual prestige, she left Soldiers to make her own tribe called "Red Sun Rising" to teach newer warriors the ways of the moors, but she would still always be an honorary Soldier of the White Hand. -Ewoc contribution

Ronnug- "I don't feel a thing when dieing ingame. The only time I really mind is when the rez is on the other side of the map." This is the famous saying of one of the most heralded, honorable warriors to have fought across the great Ettenmoor. Claiming to be the biggest hypocrite he knows, Gunnor proved that later on in his quest throughout his storied [[#|career]] of his journey. Gunnor was a simple elf guardian, going also by the nickname the "Honorable Hillbilly" [[#|starting]] out mainly as a grunt of the Ettenmoors army, having fought briefly in the prebk12 days before going into a hiatus after being yelled at by Silverest for being a "leecher", not particularly enjoying his first experiences out in the moors being a misunderstood, yet helpful member of the Freeps army. Though he was scolded, through his out of group clueless nature, it was discovered that he could be used for "ninjaing" a keep, which entailed running up into the keep and tanking all the npcs while the ones in the group followed. His folly proved to be gold, which was most of Gunnor's lovable attributes. Sensing that the Free Peoples needed help once more in the distant lands however, he rejoined the action in book 12 for honor, glory, and to ensure the safety of those he loved, particularly his wife, Tahi. He participated in many an epic battle besieging the Freeps, whether it be holding a hotspot with his Shield Wall, fighting under the fires of Tirith Rhaw and Lugazag, or simply holding the Creeps at bay in Gramsfoot, Gunnor would be on the front line making sure his allies were safe, mainly his closest companion, Ootyfast, and his leader at the time, Valistar. Gunnor could be found mainly teamed up with his brother-in-arms, Vinner (with whom he and him would make dress-wearing in the moors famous and fashionable, though Gunnor was probably more pretty being an elf), and they would charge together in many a glorious fray, which would be sung about by the minstrels they guarded. His time as a Guardian of the Ettenmoors lead to him eventually, becoming through action rather than words, a respected Commander of the Free Peoples army, when such a rank was held in high regard around the RoI era, though Gunnor would be the first to tell you rank means "diddly". Unfortunately, this is where Gunnor's hypocrisy would know no bounds, for after this, he would become corrupted and dabble in the dark arts of the Creep side, having been swayed by its ill power, after swearing an allegiance to never ally with the enemy. His elf form would be corrupted and he would become the reaver now known as Ronnug. His outer form may be corrupted by monstrous magic, but his heart, though seemingly lost and cast into darkness, will always hold his honor and love for those he fought for... and may be enough to turn him back to the side of good and righteousness. Ronnug became the 1st Rank 15 reaver on Gladden and 2nd rank 15 creep, even though he likes to think he is the definition of why rank doesn't matter. -Ewoc contribution

Blacktide- A spawn of man and warg, the early origins of Blacktide are eerie. He was once a loremaster named Mallorn in prebk12, known for his maltemper, whose curiosity was his own corruption. Dealing in the black magic of the Dark Lord, he gruesomely and grotesquely transformed into a warg. His transformation would be synonymous with his name, as a black tide would envelop his foes and former allies during the years of book 12-14. - Ewoc contribution

Blite- From the desolate pits of slug filth did this creature derive his name from whence he came. The epitome of the stench and decay that this harbinger of suffering brings is said to be of legendary proportions. Blite is a reaver of archaic origins, said to have been in the past a warrior of long ago named Arminius, who after succumbing to his death and losing his freep soul (attaining 0 rating), he became the vile and volatile Blite, having been raised as one of the key cogs to help the Soldiers of the White Hand instill control in their domination of the Free Peoples. He came to be in prebk12 on his warg Snapper, but he is most famous for the fuel his iron, fiery blades provided to the Blender in the book 12-14 era. He is also known as the uncle of the deadly reaver, Cyclic, being responsible for raising one of the more terrifying atrocities to linger in the shadow of the Moors, in a horrifying duo, sending chills up the Free Peoples' spines as they look out with cowardice from Glan Vraig. He is rarely seen as of late these days, as he transferred to Meneldor sometime in SoM on his BA Negate, but it is said in rumour his reaver's shadow can be seen skulking about, snarling and rabid as ever. -Ewoc contribution

Cyclic- Nephew of Blite, this deadly reaver wrought his slaughtering against the Freeps in book 12 of SoA. When I first noticed him, he wasn't the strongest he could be, but he had a lot of underlying potential that was going to be unleashed as he progressed in his training in the arts of war. I engaged him for the first time when he was rank 6, and through each 1v1 he got stronger and stronger, but didn't finally have a chance to defeat me until he acquired the coveted rank 7, where he would obtain the Rage of the Misbegotten to give him enough strength. From then on, we would have battle-hardened, cataclysmic duels that would shake the very Middle-Earth itself it seemed at times. Cyclic would continue to play through Moria, though he would transfer to Elendilmir for a bit, until he came back later on in Moria and into SoM. After SoM though, he left for the most part, only appearing briefly here and there. He would be remembered as a foe of great resolve to any who dare oppose him, being a snarly veteran who had seen it all when it came to facing down his enemies. Although Cyclic made the "Flying KB" famous, it originated from the reaver, Guillotine. - Ewoc contribution

Barrushnakh- A not so very smart reaver who appeared early into RoI. This flubber was more eager to corpsejump the dead inside EC than focusing the rest of the freeps. For a time you could see him in Skullripper back at its height. Then he disappeared for a while. He returned on his Guardian and joined the kinship Serious Business. He'd later roll a burger. ;) -Tingur contribution

Cahboom - Most fun 1v1er. - Aris contribution

Vurgash- Commonly referred to as the "Canadian Chode", he was the zergling leader of the tribe Two Hobbits One Cup. Formerly known as the captain Kaitlyn of Extra Crispy before turning to the darkside, Vurgash was a top general in the Soldiers army on his wl following Genbu/Aeons; he was a poorer form of what Genbu/Aeons did when he lead his raids, and would never live up to the greatness they had in their leadership. Occasionally, he would pair up with Didnthurt, making an unparreled zergling duo that was lead more by Didnthurt than him. He also used to like to 1v1, but when he came back from a long stay from the game, he changed for the worst, causing me to lose all respect for him. The new him was one of zerging 1v1s, and just plain zerging, also telling his tribe to do so, tho a few of them 1v1ed and respected them. He also thinks that Canadians are a race of people, not a nationality. -Ewoc contribution

Nodeninja- A warrior sent from the land of Meneldor, he was sent to challenge Gladden's best soldiers. We put him to the test. He was a reaver of great skill, giving good, challenging 1v1s. I finally got to fight him and we had many close, good fights. He added positive contributions to the pvp community, making a small group kin called Bad Blood, an elite unit formed to fight freeps with guerilla warfare techniques, or ganking/small group fighting to simply put it. Eventually, he grew tired of Gladden and transfered to Elendilmir, to get stronger and for more action. Though I noticed a little of his strength go away upon his return (probably due to me getting stronger hehe), his return to Gladden was much appreciated for a good 1v1. -Ewoc contribution

Unguluk- Awesome warg, was one of not too many to always have a spot in The Blender when non-reaver/warleader spots were handed out pretty reluctantly. Funny guy too, I remember rolling trolls with him one time at like 4am and godzillaing HH just for giggles, it was awesome. Also ridiculously good on his burglar Dolcrist. -Urg contribution

Lugzagash- Contrived as maker of mayhem, Lugz was a warg that would be as persistent as he was deadly. He would maintain relatively silently movements in prebk12, but he become more of a household name in book 12-14, comprising some of the deadly warg pack that was apart of the old SOTWH regime. He was a jack of all types, whether it be raiding, small grouping, ganking, or 1v1ing, Lugz exceeded in all capacities. As time went on, he would be even more fluent at his craft in Moria and into SoM, getting rank 11 before moving to Brandywine. It was wished that he stayed on Gladden, but his time here was much appreciated as he provided good sport in 1v1s. -Ewoc contribution

Cojiro- This ball of 8-legged energy was a weaver of many talents. Not having seen so much skill since the Age of Abomination, Cojiro had proven to be a most fierce adversary, being the top weaver to have served under the SotWH. His skill in the 1v1 arts had been things of legend, having the ability to go up against the strongest of hunters, one of his most famous battles being against the adept Alros, a hunter of renown ability, and was able to defeat him, among others. Not only was he phenomenal in his solo ventures, his value to the raids of Genbu and Aeons was where he gained his real favor among the Creeps. He had specialized in aggravating the leader of the Freeps at the time in Valistar, with his consistent ability to have 3-5 stars at all times and escaping the grasps of the senile loremaster, causing his raids to meet their deaths trying to pursue Cojiro into the depths of Dar-Gazag, thus allowing the Creeps to gain swift victory. Cojiro, though having a mighty presence in the Moors, was unfortunately not as long as it should have been, only lasting into the days of Moria. His tales are still held in legend among weavers today, hoping to achieve the multi-faceted guise that he was so aptly able to prove time and time again. He is believed to be fighting in lands far away, defending those that are unable to defend themselves. - Ewoc contribution

Deadnbloated - 2nd legit rank 7 defiler on the server*, pretty sure she was the first to have r7 on both defiler and warleader. She was awesome. -Urg contribution/Vic edit*

Grakrat- One of my old Red Sun Rising officers. He was one of the funniest people you could hang out with, miss that guy. -Urg contribution

Agentorange- Mayor of the Grothum Goblins, this mysterious defiler arrived from Silverlode at rank 14 and was the retainer for the first rank 15 defiler on Gladden before Grogog took the official title.* - Poppies contributon/Ewoc edit*

Incendio- He is a humble noob whose origins started out as rank 2 champion Tarvin on freepside in Book 14, making his first shit stain mark QQing about Valistar's raid leading techniques', from there, you knew he would have a future impact in the moors. He changed into a grotesque BA in the middle of SoM, his former name being Daddyofglee, but had to be changed due to Gleefelin being butthurt. He became a BA so he could QQ about freeps being OP instead of the "wrags" on creepside; he became the first rank 14 true Gladdenite on creep and as a player. He is the first creep on our server to achieve "Hand of Doom" (pre update 11) He became the first official, indigenous rank 15 player/creep on Gladden on June 4th, 2014 . One of Gladden's long time PvMP fixtures, Incendio is distinguished in a few ways. His status as a true veteran of the moors, being the first and so far only player on our server to have a rank 13+ character on each side. Furthermore, he has an almost unparalleled propensity for rage and "QQ" (although anyone who ever heard Urthona in rage mode will know that Tarvin is not truly the king of QQ). Third is the fact that he speaks in an obscure mumbling dialect shared by no one else in the world, so that to anyone not fluent in interpreting Tarvinspeak (and those experts are pretty few), even when he is not reduced to incoherent rage he is pretty darn incoherent. An interesting feature in a raid leader. -contributed by Urg/Ewoc edit*

Abiss- A force to be reckoned with back in the prebk12 days, as well as playing slightly in book 12, Abiss is widely considered the original ba of Gladden, as well as being one of the best BAs in the history of Gladden, even when they were underpowered as anything. Known as the leader of the "Fluffy Bunnies" elite gank squad, Abiss became the first rank 7 BA, being the first to put to use the deadly Vital Target skill, on Gladden, making him the 2nd rank 7 creep overall on the server behind Abomination. He and his covert ops group made their reputation known and feared throughout the Gladden moors. He is famous for being able to 1v1 absurdly well with his kiting on a class that was underpowered at the time, as well as being a ganking efficionado, revolutionizing it among the pvpers of Gladden with his gank group, particulary the creeps. He is also famous for the "Ravaging of Hoarhallow" in slaying Pendelas, the hero-champion of ages old in Gladden (see "Pendelas" for more details). He is said to have been killed by a nameless warrior after Pendelas's death, but it is believed he was able to escape into the dark wild. It is believed he is the reason behind the design of the "Skirmisher Stance" for BA. One day, legend says, he shall return, leading the uruk BAs with a massive barrage, inflicting much fatal damage to the Free Peoples. -Ewoc contribution

Abomination- "Ya bad, ya shieet, ya trash" is the trolling technique Abom would use on his opponents to throw them off balance, as well as the occasional, "you mad bro". Abomination was the original spider of Gladden in prebk12 and in book 12-14, even through moria slightly, as well as one of the original trolls, and was one of the best spiders of all Gladden, his ancientness being shown by receiving the message "Abomination has succumbed to HIS wounds" as many spiders of today are female due to Turbine's follies as well as the powerful ancient male race being extinct due to Abomination's consumption of them to make himself stronger. He was the first rank 7 creep on all of Gladden due to his ganking expertise alongside former leader and tribesmate Abiss, who he served as 2nd in command for the "Fluffy Bunnies". He is famous for his trolling/bannings, his 1v1 skills, his ganking, as well as his infamous exploiting of "burrow moving", where he could use his in combat burrow to flee away from the freeps underground. He was notoriously hard to kill in any situation if he chose to be, yet was very honorable in the ways he would fight ironically. His famous duels include Perchelm (minstrel) and Athren (burg) (see "Ettenmoors Events" to watch these epic duels!), 2 extremely powerful freep classes at the time and to this day, being able to show how effective the spider class was and the debut of the "hatchlings" in combat against Athren; he still did excellent, winning fairly decisiviely in the fight with Athren with him using CDs (hips+tng against hatchlings), yet barely losing to Perchelm with him using a CD, food, and having no hatchlings that fight, with Abom popping a 1700 morale pot. It is said that a carbon copy of his immaculate combat design is still used to this day. However, he was banished by Turbine for being "too awesome" as he eloquently puts it. He for short time became powerful on his rk Mista, being an original rk of Gladden, with his band of brothers, but suffered a similar fate. If you listen closely, you can still hear a faint "yaaaa baddddddd" throughout the Ettenmoors as you are defeated in battle by a spider. -Ewoc contribution

Knitters- One of the few male spiders to have survived the brood of Ungolliante from the males many times being eaten by the females, this weaver was an underrated, yet a touted warrior for those Creeps who would be fortunate to cross his path in prebk12, book 12-14, and briefly in Moria-SoM. Many times on the field of battle, Seredir, being of young, foolish age at the time, would encounter this tricky spider and be undermined by his wit, stifling Seredir's attempts to do well in battle. Not much is known about Knitters, as he was so quick to unleash his venom from his burrow before dragging them into the caves of Arador's End to feast on them, that he was rarely seen by a Freep before they were webbed and cocooned into a stricken death. Even as a historian myself, and only encountering Knitters a few times and fortunately surviving, he was a member of Tyrants of Angmar (though later on joined SotWH), one of their leading members as a figurehead for future weavers. Little is told about Knitters, but when spoken, his legend is spoken in hushed tongue, with an eerie whisper, used now to tell tale to new Freep soldiers that dare venture in the Ettenmoors, to ready them for such evils. It is uncertain, however, if they may meet their fate, only briefly hearing his frightening hiss before they are never heard from again... -Ewoc contribution

Azhaudh- His malevolent background stems from his arrival to the Ettenmooors on his hunter Ferahgo in the prebk12 days, while later on during these times being corrupted in the dark ways of the enemy and transforming into the reaver, Azhaudh. As a young reaver, Azhaudh had shown much promise within the ranks of the Creeps, watching and learning what it meant to be a true reaver from the original reaver of Gladden, Nishnok of the Tyrants of Angmar. He gained acceptance into the tribe, and they took him under their wing, but eventually, when Azhaudh became stronger in book 12 and ToA had faded with Nishnok passing the torch on to him, he would go off to join the Soldiers of the White Hand, assisting Genbu and Aeons in their conquest of the Moors as a key cog to the Blender, leading the Reaver resolve into battle. He would generate much gore and bloodshed for the Blender, helping lead them to plenty of overwhelming victories. At rank 7, Azhaudh would challenge one of the main leaders of the Free Peoples' in Kalib to a duel, where it would be an intense battle of attrition as shown by the 1v1s of guardians vs reavers at the time. Azhaudh would become the first reaver to reach ranks 8, 9, and 10. Azhaudh's time would be relatively shortlived in the grand scheme of the Moors, as he would only stay as long as book 6 Moria before leaving, though briefly coming back in SoM. He made his mark to many in SoA and Moria to the paths he crossed as a legendary and influential reaver of Gladden. - Ewoc contribution

Bumbum- Bumbum was synonymous with his name to the fullest: stinky and bumbling. He was seen as an aside to likes of the great Tairone and Abiss. His sardonic, self-induced nature was much of his noteworthiness throughout his period in prebk12, somehow managing to get to rank 6, with his fumbling of folly granting him such. He went unbeknownst from the minds of Creep and Freep alike, until he popped up again in the midst of Moria, before leaving again a bit into that time. Though he was deemed much of the time a fool, having contributed heavily to the zerging/ganking 1v1s and being labeled a mild nuisance by the Freeps and ganked accordingly, he brought a much needed element of tomfoolery to Creepside that was needed.- Ewoc contribution

Nubbers- This ageless, yet old enigma of the first rank 6 greenie wl creature on Gladden is seen as the biggest legend/best pvper/best wl in the history of Gladden. Nubbers is arguably considered the most loved being in the history of Gladden, even said to be higher than Ootyfast or Silverest in popularity. Nubbers is famous for his innocent nature of not attacking anyone and being killed in the funniest, yet saddest of fashions by the noob freeps/creeps that do not know any better. The real funny thing is, Nubbers could beat those freeps/creeps if he really felt like it. Showcased about those particular characteristics, he is famous for his glorious 1v1s when he was a rank 5 greenie such as with someone that shall not be named out of respect, and Thugglife's champion Osweiler, who made countless excuses as why he lost, even almost losing with man heal until creeps interrupted to save Nubbers, tho he may have still won. Furthermore, he was the first person on Gladden to hit 0 rating. Nubbers was such a powerful greenie that he is believed to be the reason Turbine implemented "Code Red" (no, not the militaristic version/Mountain Dew), which stated that "all greenie statuses shall be terminated, and all shall now be red rings". This was done due to Nubbers' power to save the embarrassment of those he had done to previously and not to be done again, so people couldn't say those had lost "to a greenie" but instead a red ring. Nubbers shortly went into exile after this to let his powers diminish so he wouldnt be so strong as a red ring, then returned, more vivacious than ever. Nubbers? Nubbers the Green? He was Nubbers the Red, and came back to the creeps now, at the turn of tide. He was no ordinary greenie however, he was a deity of the Creeps it is believed. Though Nubbers gracious gauges of greenieness are no longer to be seen, you can still see him roaming around the moors in his greenie RP skin, doing his hilarious uruk noises as he gets hit by freeps on his wl and creeps alike on his min Nubberz. I'm coming very close to figuring out who he is btw, but I shall not reveal who he is, for untold destruction would be released upon the world if he was. I like to believe he is the childhood innocence inside all of us, psychologically speaking. The question everyone should ask themselves is: What if Nubbers actually wanted to get stronger, how powerful would he become? The world dare not know... -Ewoc contribution

Nishnok- Considered the original "penguin waddle" reaver of Gladden due to charge not being invented then, Nishnok was the first reaver to reach rank 7, being the 3rd creep to do so in prebk12. He is believed to be a major influence for the famous Tyrants of Angmar/Soldiers reaver Azhaudh, the Bane of Kalib. He was apart of one of the first infamous tribes, Tyrants of Angmar, serving as one of the top leaders in the kin. He also fought alongside the grand leader Silentnight against the Freep legions. Nishnok was famous for being able to efficiently kill freeps 1v1 in prebk12 when freeps were much stronger, making such enormous strides without Charge! or the popular Ravage skill, as well as no delving corruptions. Nishnok was also, upon his short return after leaving in prebk12-book 12ish time, able to beat the powerful minstrel Shadowthol in 1v1 combat in MoM when he was rank 7, being gifted stronger abilities to take him down. Though his time has long past, he is genuinely respected by the reavers who studied his unable-to-charge style to see how great of a warrior he was, and to appreciate the drastic, helpful changes that were made to the reaver class. -Ewoc contribution

Raizo- Easily one of the top 5 reavers to ever 1v1, Raizo, known as the "Colombian Catalyst", Raizo came to being in the SoM era of the Ettenmoors. As a young orc, Raizo showed much promise, being an exceptional warrior as young as rank 5, providing many unexpectedly challenging fights to whomever he came across on the field of battle. For the longest time, back before passives were automatically bestowed upon creation of a creep, Raizo even fought unknowingly without one damage passive being filled, which cost him many close 1v1s he could have won. You knew from a personal conflict with Raizo that he would become one of the most powerful reavers to ever set foot on Gladden. Though Raizo had a few game-changing pay2win skills and used them at first, eventually he sought to fight without them to prove his real worth at his rank, one of the few reavers that did so in RoI. He continues to be a prominent force and strokes his proverbially masculinity to any that dare oppose him.- Ewoc contribution

Phoeniz- The crazy blood-brother of Raizo, and almost as morbidly powerful, Phoeniz was a reaver of untapped potential, eventually cracking through it as he matured in battle. Taken under his wing by his older brother Raizo, he became a warrior to be reckoned with by the Freeps he encountered. When in tandem with each other, they would be a top-tier duo, though Phoeniz would be reckless at times, and in such efforts would be persistent as they came when making attempts to get kills on the Freep army. Though he would be considered laughably insane at times by those who met him due to his incoherent speech, he was truly respected by friend and foe. - Ewoc contribution

Killmethanks- He is commonly known as the "Belligerent Drunk Fool". The name being taken by a creep on Brandywine, Killmethanks is a fail warg that will say the most ridiculous and stupidest things on OOC and glff on his freep that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. He is a generally annoying presence on Gladden, possibly having the record for most ignores ever. Though his warg just came to fruition in RoI, he has a fail burglar known as Digs (now known as Ponix) that he predominantly played back in the prebk12 days, and he always talks about how awesome he is because he is a vet, but being vet proves nothing about skill, which he has none of. If you beat him in an argument, he will just put you on ignore since he knows he lost to you. He is known for moving from server to server because people always start to dislike him for his dooshiness. -Ewoc contribution

Dalok- Possibly the worst reaver in the history of Gladden, even moreso than Thugglife, Dalok is known for his fail endeavors at trolling, incessant picture posting, and all around nonsense on the forums, as well as failing at life in general. He came out of the blue in RoI, making himself a nuisance on the forums rather than on the battlefield. Dalok is famous for making ludicrous remarks about who is skilled and who is not, such as saying that the great rk Sparkman and great hunter Hedvik were awful at 1v1ing, and how Darkhalf was a good hunter when he is terrible. He fought Hedvik at rank 5 melee and lost, this would only show things to come in his failness. Furthermore, Dalok was able to scare away Sklavorn from the moors with sheer stupidity. In addition, he thinks since he is "so great", if he doesn't know who you are, you aren't important and he is. He is also famous for losing 1v1s to hunters Ewoc and Kerelas (def Hed too if he was there) that fought him melee on his rank 6 reaver, (which shouldnt happen and later making claims hunters should beat reavers melee), as well as freeps that even went so far as fighting him naked, one of those people being Sparkman, who only used Ceaseless Argument, humorously enough, and beating him. -Ewoc contribution

Chippiparai- She was a unique person of the LOTRO community. She would play a hunter on freepside, but it was during her time on the creepside I got to know this person. She's a r9 warg that actually earned her rank being an honourable player who'd rather stay behind and fight to the end with friends than leave them with a hips. She wasn't the best warg nor did she aim to be. Infact I believe the person is more important than their skill unlike your common raid leader nowadays. Chippiparai would pick up the mantle as leader of the creep tribe Skullripper Tribe during it's height in RoI era. I haven't met a kinder and more accepting person in this community. She was one fine warg and when she started out on her hunter she would prove why she was a good player. She once had quarrel with Ol'Valistar that started out with Valistar simply not paying attention to the chat box and dropped her when she said she'd be right back. Valistar said he didn't want people like that in his raids. That might be one of the reasons he never ever won a group/raid fight as I've witnessed. Chippiparai openly stated that she'd leave LOTRO for GW2 at it's release in tribe and gave the mantle to Davencreep. With the hunter Mellinareth she started playing GW2 and I still await her return even though I've missed some chances of meeting her in LOTRO after RoR release. - Tingur contribution

Optimuss- Living up to his name as "the best", Optimuss would show that for a time in RoI once he learned the proper techniques of the reaver. Having been around since prebk12-book 12, but not really emerging as a force until SoM, Optimuss triumphed through the Moors with blades of bloody vigor. He was once said to have a persona of a past great Freep, but that was never proven, and if he had, his black malice had consumed whatever soul of a Freep that he had left. The aptly named reaver continues his dread, as he fights alongside the newly revived SOTWH to bring back the desolation that had once encompassed the Moors in the days of old, and to his liking, bring it to Osgiliath as well. - Ewoc contribution

Tingur- Fondly known as "Tingur the Ginger", this obscure Blackarrow has an unhealthy obsession with whining about nonsensical things, influenced by Daddyofglee's philosophy, and also... cats... lots and lots of cats. Tingur came to being in the RoI era of the Ettenmoors; being young and naive in his approach to freeps, he made a terrible enemy, who would soon become a friend of his in the guardian, Vinner, who he made a crucial mistake against after ganking him mutiple times in 1v1s with his incompetent warg companion, Brizfang (or Brizfag). Vinner challenged them to a 2v1 at Good TA, and the rank 7 warg with Flayer stance (a rank 10 skill) and rank 3 BA with skirmisher stance (a rank 5 skill), arrogantly accepted... this arrogance would be their undoing, as when Vinner slew Tingur, he ran back from Lugz rez to kill Vinner when he was about to kill Brizfang, going against the nature of an actual 2v1. For a time, Vinner would hunt him down even more mercilessly, but eventually, Tingur learned his lesson, and the two became friends. Eventually though and with more ranks in the Creep army, Tingur would become one of the best BAs on Gladden in part with practicing his 1v1 abilities with Vinner as well as other skilled opponents. Regardless of him constantly crying about certain freep classes being OP and his incessant rambling about cats, you can't help but hold a certain love for Tingur in your heart, the lovable oaf. His gay lover is his Norwegian nymphomaniac, Hedvik. - Ewoc contribution

Grogog- A disciple and former 2nd in command to Didnthurt in Dark ones of Middle Earth, Grogog's come about goes back to Moria is where he made his entry into Gladden's history of notorious Creep minions. Eventually getting tired of Didnthurt's leadership after their stint on Meneldor, shortly from coming back to Gladden, Grogog left and joined the rejuvenated Conscripts of the Iron Crown after the tribe had died for a while only to be reborn, later to becoming a commanding force for the revived SOTWH. He was the first defiler to rank 11-15 on Gladden. - Ewoc contribution

Morsum- Morsum started early into RoI on his reaver Lhurtz. With all due respect to the person, Morsum indicated very little understanding of the English language and manners. Stating multiple times that Hedvik is a black man-loving freep. Morsum would join Skullripper, there he was taken under the wings of Chippiparai, Hedvik and Tingur. Although trying to teach him etiquette and to treat people with respect all attempts failed. Somewhat close to RoR he would create his warg Morsum and become free renown for any freep who had the ability to utilize any of the class's skills. However as time passed and well into RoR when I returned on my BA I realized that this little green mascot had surpassed me and was well on his way to rank 12. If his skills have improved remains to be verified, but atleast his manners had - a bit. Somehow he has managed to piss off a lot of creeps and freeps which I can't say I am surprised by, he manages and has also made new friends. Recently Ronnug, known as Gunnor, has taken an interest in Morsum and will often support his decisions claiming it to be in his role as a warg. - Tingur contribution

Medluk- He is coined as one of the original Warleaders of Gladden, as he was the first WL to record the rank 6-7 title and the Black Dog title (500 kbs by KB) in the prebk12 days, which was a highly impressive feat to do such then, especially with the warleader not acquiring a dps stance or slow until RoI. Not much is known about this ancient Uruk warrior that's time only extends a little bit past book 12, except that he had an exceedingly malicious temperament if enraged on the battlefield, and would cause his enemies to quake in fear if driven to the brink of death. Not only was he was a strong opponent in his own right, but he would be a great healer for his allies in fights against the Freeps, as since there was no defiler until Book 13, the Warleader's importance was exemplified by Medluk's healing ability, even though he was moreso a soloer (as predicated by his KB title). Even though Warleaders had the worst dps out of the Creep classes at the time, Medluk was able to hold his own against many of the opponents he went up against, slaying many that would dare oppose him in a 1v1. Unfortunately, Medluk's time in the moors was ephemeral, as he was slain in an epic duel by the champion, Pendelas, the class that was the bane of Warleaders for a long time in the moors with the help of their Clobber skill that would interrupt their healing inductions.- Ewoc contribution'

Hydromorph- A mild-mannered warleader compared to his contemporary Medluk, but equally as sinister, Hydro was another warleader who made up the Trifecta of Terror in the days of prebk12 with Angoth and Medluk, also reaching rank 6 in prebk12. Unlike Medluk, Hydro focused more on the group aspect of the warleader, being an effective healer for the raids of Silentnight and Angoth. He displayed truly how great the warleader's healing ability was before the introduction of Commander's Stance in RoI and the arrival of Defilers from Sauron's dark pits in book 13. He also was a testament to the tanking ability before corruptions were introduced or the warleader's that arrived later received Imposing Presence, as Hydro was one of the prototypes for how a warleader would display such a presence. It is said he, Angoth, and Medluk were the blueprints for helping the young, yet ambitious Genbu reach his potential. Hydro only proliferated his might until early RoI, but his might is still felt to this day among the youthful warleaders that rise through the rank that can feel his pulsating energy. -Ewoc contribution

Thugglife- He was a monstrosity that all Gladden united against and opposed. His corrupted origins coming from Kalib in book 6-7, he was created for one purpose: to destroy the world of freeps... but failed, badly. Originally known in his innocent youth as lvl 40 Bullwinkle the champion(later known as the fail champ Osweiler, see "Nubbers" for more), he was mocked and ridiculed for noobish actions; this made him want revenge, so Kalib let him loose on creepside to wreak havoc to exact his revenge on those that mistreated him. Before that tho, he renamed his champ to Carregkennan and farmed on him b4 going to reaver finally. He was a failure tho, making many false claims of him being skilled and untrue accusations of people using cooldowns against him 1v1, such as Vinner, who made an example of him (see Vinner vs. Thugglife in the Ettenmoors Events section). When he was challenged by those that had disdain for him on Candy Mountain, such as Chiknorris and Vinner, he ran away from them into the 1 shots to try and kill them. Vinner easily dispatched of him with only 1 piece of radiance gear (all his other gear being terrible, with him only having 4975 morale at lvl 60), the top gear of the time, and no To the King in an era where reavers were op in book 7 moria. With that, he banished him from Gladden and told him to start anew on another server to garner respect. Instead, he disobeyed, ranked his reaver to 5, disappeared, and came back as Oystermouth at rnk 6-7 in SoM, where he failed again, but not as much as his skill improved somewhat at rnk 7, tho not much. Going back to Oystermouth, he fought for a bit on him and left for Elendilmir finally. He also disobeyed Vinner's wishes of getting a fresh start by doing the exact same thing on that server. He is now known as Thugglife again on Elendilmir. He is said to have joined forces with Worgnakh to create an ultimate noob ganking duo of CM, now since has dissipated. -Ewoc contribution

Slashed- Slashed the Lunatic as he is notoriously referred to with his wild movement, blade swinging, and kb-ninjaing abilities(and not just with his actual "blade" if u no wut I'm saying ;)), he is a prolific reaver at 1v1ing, arguably one of the best that has played the class. Starting from humble origins in book 12 on his guard then lvl 48 guard Khalad, he was once the self-proclaimed apprentice of the guardian Vinner, being influenced by his master's Bushido-like, honorable way of fighting to the death. Though he told his student to level, his student refused for the longest time till he was molested by his master's chode, then he did. Still, Vinner respected his willigness to fight and charge underleved. Anyway, this trait then translated to his reaver, which he created in book 13-14, but really started playing it more in Moria; tho dying a lot, he became a threat inside of freep raids, easily destroying freeps inside of the clusterfuck raids. At first, Slashed was good at his reaver, but not as good as he could of been. In time, with practice and knowledge, he became one of the premiere reavers of Gladden, and still is to this day. You can see him now uttering his famous "mai (my) kb", tho annoying because he jacks so many kbs :P. He now currently plays his Khaladi, since his reaver is too op for his greatness. -Ewoc contribution

Eunuch- Perhaps the biggest womanizer and holder of the biggest e-penis (though being rather unimpressive irl through anon sources and first hand, long story), Eunuch the Erect is a guy full of laughs... and hornyness. It is rumored he has shalaked a many e-whores on the server of Gladden, whilst contracting many e-stds in the process and a variety of e-children, ranging from dwarves to elves. Starting from his origins in Dark Paradigm as Drunkshiplaterns, and then later on his minstrel Cassadaga, he began his pvping in prebk12. However, when Genbu and Aeons came to power in book 12-14, Cass became the "Double Dildo Decapitator" with his blades on Eunuch. It is said his elf transformed into an orc after he lost his nut to a rare std called Bangedtoomanyslutsitis, and it slipped off, dripping with painful acid, and crept into the shadows, never to be seen again; it is said in lore it grew feet and ran off due to being overused. Eunuch was infamous for tomfoolery and his hatred of freeps, most likely all the slags he fornicated with due to their uncooked yeast. He wrought much havoc in the Blender, and continued to do so in MoM, SoM, RoI, and even a little of RoR before disappearing to avoid paying child support for a wench who shall not be named. Even though Eunuch became a bit more zergy after a while, he still gets me hard whenever I think about him- Ewoc contribution

Dolcarak- Affectionately known by his friends, particulary Gunnor jocularly tho not intentionally, as "Dolcrack" or the "Alaskan Arsehole Avenger" (just made that up lol), Dolcarak was one of the premiere 1v1 wargs/gankers of the Ettenmoors, his beginning years being in prebk12 where he worked his way up through the ranks, though primarily on his champ Gilcarak, and becoming a more primary force in the book 12-14 era on his warg, with the occasional occurrence in Moria, until he disappeared and reappeared for a brief time in SoM (where he mainly focused on "his" spider Cojiro) to starhug on his warg, and with another short appearance in RoI. Dolcarak was a formidable foe to many he faced, always being placed as one of the top 5 wargs on the server for 1v1ing. In addtion to that, he was one of the main trackers for the Soldiers' Blender. One of his main opponents of his that he always would contend with was the guardian Vinner in book 12-14, whom him and he would always have many epic, balls-to-the-walls 1v1s where every cd/pot would be scrounged for some of the most epic 1v1s ever, either resulting in a win, loss, or the best outcome: a doublekill. This helped Vinner become a much better guardian, and he credits Dolcarak's skilled prowess for helping him be able to know how to fight wargs more effectively with this tough opponent providing many challenging crucibles. They also had great fights when he played on Cojiro in SoM, usually resulting in the same outcome as his warg in book 12-14. One moment Vinner regrets is when he fought Dolcarak in SoM at Good Grim, and almost beating him with 5 stars in SoM, but didn't pop a cd when Dolcarak HIPSed and repounced to save his stars... It still aches at him to this day. Regardless of the changes to wargs, good or bad, Dolcarak was one of the few that stayed with his warg to try and find different ways to succeed, much like his old friend and highest-ranked warg brethen Wolfgash. Dolcarak is rumored to return after his hiatus, hoping to achieve, once more, his consistent presence as one of the head wargs of Gladden (and hopefully show these new nub wargs how to play). - Ewoc contribution

Reddmedic- Redd is one of the original defilers of Gladden, starting in book 13 to provide the Creep army as one of the top defiler 1v1ers. Unlike many defilers, he was one of the few, along with Munce, Mudpie, and even the occasional Grogog, to 1v1 on his defiler, and was one of the best at it, revealing how strong the defiler class truly was. He was the first rank 8, 9, and 10 defiler on Gladden, then transfered to Meneldor for a short time, and returned once more to his home server after a long stay away. Though Redd is famous for his defiler, he has a handful of toons, such as focusing on his freeps more in prebk12 and book 12-14, while during book 12-14 becoming more creepish by playing his spider and reaver more often, which his spider and the guardian Vinner had many exceptional 1v1s on, as well as on his defiler later on. For a while, he took to his hidden hideaway from the moors, to finally rekindle some interest and play his spider in RoR, and maybe will even show his wroth on his defiler once again to be one of the paramount healers on creepside.- Ewoc contribution

Sharuk- One of the original members of the feared Fluffy Bunnies kin, Sharuk was a warg that was noted for his jokingly style of killing you, with a twisted Joker esque malice. His paws feral, mouth red with flesh, he would instigate you into attacking him for his warg brethen Killerr, Gas, and even Wolfgash at times to shred you to nothing but bone and terror. His reign would span from prebk12 where he would attain the rank of 5 on his warg, into a bits and pieces of book 12-14, and a short time in Moria, before never being heard from again, though his menacing warg laugh being heard from time from his traumatized victims. -Ewoc contribution

Sideshow- Before Defilers were a source of main healing capabilities for the creeps, a few stood out among the rising menace that would be a thorn in the Freeps' side for years to come. One of them was Sideshow. He was a crude prototype of what the ideal defiler would represent, but was a potent device of the armies of Angmar. He would be apart of Didnhurt's Dark Ones, serving as one of his main lieutenants. He would serve his lord loyally, but would have qualms about the way Didnthurt would perform his actions of leader as a zergling, which Sideshow would prove to be opposed to as one of the few not to fall under his zergling mentality. This helped him gain utmost respect from many of his freep counterparts. Sideshow left around the time of SoM, but for his time here, he showed the ultimate ability of what a good defiler could truly wreak. - Ewoc contribution

Slaps- Going by the alias of the "Russian Hacker", with his brethren Cloak, he proved to be a warg of malcontent when coming upon his enemies in prebk12-book 12. His dialect was different than other wargs, hard to understand at first, being seen as a warg from Gundabad that was commissioned especially by the Witch-King at the behest of his general Silentnight as wargs were needed to truly make the Creep force in the North one of considerable contention. His slaps of awe were provided by his deadly paws. - Ewoc contribution

Snuggle- He was a warg that was prevalent around the beginning of Moria in book 6, leaving for a while in SoM, occasionally coming back, and then coming back for RoI for a little, only to vanish once more. Not coincidentally at all, he most likely started to play his warg in the pounce-conj era after it being too hard on his LM, Ziffnab, but after that, he had grown accustomed to warg and stayed on it even through the tough times which I commend him for. He started in book 12-14 on freep, but was only on occasionally with that, then played a bit on Ziffnab until finally going to warg in Moria. Though he wasn't the best 1v1er, he was a great ganker at GV with his partner-in-crime Igunnapounceyou (Revmag's warg), helping Rev's warg achieve 5 stars (never to been seen again after that) and the occasional Duskpaw. What made him such a great ganker is that, like most gankers, he went after the weak, killing them swiftly and efficiently. Regardless of choosing his 1v1s to his advantage, the 1v1s by him were appreciated. -Ewoc contribution

Tairone- Tairone was a Blackarrow of infamous skill, being one of the formidable fighters that comprised the feared Tyrants of Angmar. His time was ephemeral, but elite eradication-esque, having many Free Peoples' fell low to his bow. He only spanned briefly into the days of book 12-14, but Tairone was one of the first to be seen among the top BAs of the Ettenmoors, being ranked only second behind the most notorious and ruthless of all in Abiss, as he was the second BA to hit rank 7 in prebk12. His whereabouts are unknown, as we are unsure of what happened to him after Abiss fell in battle, and the void it left in the BA elite. -Ewoc contribution

Tarek- The first apprentice of Nishnok, the other being the famous reaver Azhaudh, Tarek was a reaver who had made his reputation of being a feared comrade of his master. He was a Tyrants of Angmar disciple, having rigorously attained rank 6 with his waddle-fighting style before Charge! had become a valuable commodity and synonymous attribute for the reaver. He returned briefly in book 12-14 and Moria for stints, but he was believed to leave as he didn't like the dishonor of reavers using Charge! as a getaway opportunity rather than kamikaze style. - Ewoc contribution

Falinka- A muse of Woglog, this curious weaver had become a deadly thorn in the side of the Free Peoples in the prebk12/book 12-14 days. As her days wavered on, she had developed a "woven" relationship with the warleader general Woglog. Through Moria and times in SoM, Falinka and Woglog continuously and fervently strengthened their bonds in battle. The story being she perished against a zergling horde of Freeps, Falinka is believed to have burrowed to safety after Woglog's defense, and is said to be roaming the hillsides of Gramsfoot, seeking vengeance against any wandering Freeps that dare pass her way. - Ewoc contribution

Growler- "Rawr", as this young flirtatious warg would rouse her prey before consuming their flesh, Growler was an original scout of the Creeps from prebk12-14 onto book 12-14, with brief apperances in Moria and SoM. She was a valuable asset to the SotWH, as they had need for experienced trackers with many of the old wargs disappearing and Aeons needing someone that could seduce the enemy into false actions, with Growler's whimsical charm able to make her opponents let down their guard with her playful pounces. She was a sister of Puddytat, though not by race as she was a BA, they were inseparable and would be entangled in their desire to protect each other in combat. - Ewoc contribution

Puddytat- Much like her sister, Puddy had a sensual vibe about her that would make Freeps weak-kneed, allowing for her to cast her arrow of deceptive deviance into their hearts with acuity. She had made her presence known in the days of prebk12 to book 12-14 with slightly more showings in Moria and SoM than her sister. Similar to Growler in their need for wargs, Genbu was able to utilize her as one of his main BAs to contribute to the Blender's destructive nature. She also shared a special relationship with the warg Furrinmymouth, having been introduced from her sister. - Ewoc contribution

Woglog- From the depths of Carn Dum itself was this uruk malice wrought. Feeling that an Uruk from Carn Dum would be more suited to rattle along the rag-tag orc packs, the Witch King commissioned this purveyor of punishment to oversee orc battalions that weren't carrying their weight. He indeed was a true Tyrant of Angmar, having been one of its highly regarded officers at rank 5 in prebk12, only to have got up to rank 8 throughout book 12 and Moria after faithfully having served as one of the mainstays of Genbu's and Aeon's blender as he turned to an honorary Soldier of the White Hand. He had a fondness for the delicate, yet deadly weaver Falinka, as the two would form a close-knit bond throughout their time in the War of the Ettenmoor, believed to have died side by side together in a battle in romantic, yet grotesque fashion while Woglog defended Falinka with his last breath against overpowering zerg hordes. - Ewoc contribution

Wolfgash- This ancient warrior-warg is one of the original wargs of Gladden, and possibly the only active one left. He is famous for his solo-style, whether it be ganking or simply 1v1ing, as well as being a good asset to have in his rarity to helping raids or small groups. Though old and decrepit and not being the smooth, swift warg he once was, he can still hold his own in a 1v1. Wolf's origins start in prebk12 when he originally was apart of the infamous Fluffy Bunnies' brigade, along with Killerr and Gas, being one of the main wargs to make up the "Teeth-Tearing Trio". Like a few of his fellow wargs, Wolfgash has stuck with his warg through thick and thin, and has still played at a relatively high level. His commitment to warg and creepside makes him among one of the most respected creeps on the server (out of the few respectable ones left anyway :P). His dedication has earned him the rightful spot as highest ranked warg on the server, finally achieving the rank of 14, the first warg to do so, and a well-deserved honor it is to the true King of Wargs! -Ewoc contribution

Wuffles- Probably one of the most honorable creeps and 1v1ers to have ever graced the server of Gladden, Wuffles is notorious for being one of the first creeps to become a main 1v1er, and being one of those that showed that even a warg in prebk12 could be a deadly force as a 1v1er. Wuffles time in the moors was short-lived, playing from prebk12, only a little bit into book 12, gaining the hard-earned rank of rank 7 in prebk12 at the time, but he made a dramatic impact on those he fought, showing that even a warg without delving corruptions could be a formidable foe. The first time you'd fought Wuffles (from personal exp as well), he proved that to you firsthand, in particular getting my noobish self then a little below half health and making me pop Warrior's Heart when I was first learning how to 1v1 in book 12. He is what I consider the godfather of warg 1v1ers, and perhaps for all of creepside. Who knows what Wuffles could have become if his skill translated into the strength the wargs are now given in relation to how weak they were then. -Ewoc contribution

Killerr- Hinted as the true heir of the Third Reich, Killerr was a ferocious warg that lay carnage to those that dare step foot off the stair of Glan Vraig. Killerr's upbringing stems from when he was just a young pup that was conceived by a corrupted dog and a warg, coming from a hot, zesty night of dargy style (see what I did there) in the slug pits of Grams. His name is said to be spelled that way because his parents were a warg and a dog, they were simple creatures and ofc they can't spell. He started off in prebk12, fighting alongside the famous Silentnight, who Killerr was in awe of, and though smaller than other wargs due to being a mutt, wanted to be as strong, if not stronger than the heralded leader of Creepside. As he was training, he came in contact with a peculiar, yet off-putting spider in Abomination, who are said to have made had passionate, gay intercourse, which is a most disgusting sight seeing the intermingling of such atrocious species. For some odd reason, they were attracted to each other, being a very odd pairing, yet they grew up together and would soon become a fierce some duo in the Moors, perfecting ganking to a science that would make it so that their enemies would not be able to leave Glan Vraig. With the aid of Abiss, Gas, and the occasional Wolfgash, they formed conceivably the most deadliest ganking tribe with the Fluffy Bunnies. Killerr lead the way with the wargs, being the main scout among the pack. Killerr was very cowardly at first when it came to his stars, but eventually, with the influence of Taso and Vinner (who he killed at least 1k times), he cast aside such a style, and became more risk-taking. As he grew in rank, his power increased, as well as his skill from experience and became one of the most lethal wargs on the server, taking on such apprentices like Penguinslayer. Even though Fluffy Bunnies disintegrated later on, he and Abomination, later teaming with Terrance and Shearcon (Taso) in book 12-14, MoM, and SoM, they became a force to be reckoned with. During those times, his rival on freepside was Seredir, the 2 exchanging blow for blow and deaths in their fights depending on the era they fought in; they epitomized truly how a warg vs burglar fight was meant to be. Killerr is said to not be very active anymore in the Ettenmoors, but he is rumored that he treks the mountains of Arador's End, silently mauling unsuspecting new Freeps that dare enter; he only wishes he could maul Ootyfast one more time though. -Ewoc contribution

Gas- His putrid stench being synonymous with his propensity to cause Freeps to pass it in fear, Gas was a prime focus of the gank squad of Fluffy Bunnies. A perfect example of "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover", Gas displayed a lethal outlook, while at the same time boasting a rather high-pitched voice, at the time of prebk12 being at the awkward stage in a warg's life of going through pubescence. Regardless of the description presented, know that he was not someone to be trifled with, for he was deadly not only in a pack, but come across him solo and it meant swift death if not at the most attentive state. - Ewoc contribution

Lukiluk - A curious warg with the initiative to take on new challenges laid before him, this wide-eyed disciple of the Creeps sought to bring a new allure with his adventures. Lukiluk began his journey through the Moors with the desire to bring himself reverence among both the Creeps he fought with and the Freeps he fought against. He succeeded in that endeavor, as he quickly hit his stride in Helm's Deep as a figure of intense forethought, being a sort of bard to those he'd come across, making his eerie, yet at the same time soothing howls to capture the essence of chaos that the Moors was infamous for. Having dealt with him first hand, in combat and in diplomacy, he earned his paws. - Ewoc contribution

Mudpie- Mudpie was an intriguing character, his intrigue matching his strength and prowess on the battlefield. Long before Grogog became a household name as a top healer, or Munce a top 1v1er, Mudpie was seen as the epitome of the defiler class, perfecting its elements and showing its true ability. When defilers had become a mainstay in the Moors, you would look for his name and either be lifted with hope or tremble with fear, depending on what side you were on. When he was mortally inflicted in a battle where he had to draw upon a lot of his voodoo to keep his allies alive, his remaining strength was drawn and saved for those defilers worthy enough to bear its essence, though it is said only a few were worthy enough. - Ewoc contribution

Zalbag - Zalbag is a crucial character in the history of the Ettenmoors, at times being overshadowed and forgotten with the rise of Silentnight, yet in prebk12 being a driving force for the Creeps. Zalbag was touted as Siletnight's 2nd in command of the Warg Legions, having been his deadliest scout and assasin, sending him on many a mission to deter the Freep forces and draw despair within their ranks. He was also a mentor for the famous Aeons and Genbu, seen as one of the underlying reasons for their rise to prominence. It is said to originally beat back and demoralize the Freeps, he was sent in to assassinate Silverest in the middle of Glan Vraig itself, but the attempt failed, and with it, him vanishing. However, he surprisingly returned after a time thought dead, filling the Freeps with peril once more. His whereabouts today are unknown, but should he return again, dread will fill the air once more. - Ewoc contribution