Video of Genbu/Aeons/SoTWH with Kalib: Book 12-14 (video credited to Genbu)

Video of PvP: Book 12-14 (video credited to Genbu)

Invincible WL Bug (video credited to Genbu)

Vinner vs. Thugglife (video credited to Cyclic)

Azhaudh vs. Kalib (video credited to Genbu)

March 3rd, '08 Event: Abomination vs. Athren (video credited to Genbu)

March 3rd, '08 Event: Abomination vs. Perchelm RIP (video credited to Genbu/Perchelm reuploaded)

Uiphor vs. Therearenonamesleft (video credited to Fendron)

Nebuchadrezzar's Epicness (Most viewed LM video! Video credited to Neb). This is how you play LM btw, Val and Glee lol.

F is for Fire Dot! (Op stackin fire dots in moria; video credited to Neb)

March 3rd, '08 Event Vid 2v2 West HH (Halaphant and Perchelm vs. Whopharted and Egnog, video credited to Genbu)

8v11 March 3rd, 08 Event, Arena West of HH (video credited to Genbu's most viewed)!

Gladden PvP Isen Fight (video credited to Genbu)

Gladden PvP Lugz Battle (video credited to Genbu)

Thugglife vs. Shray. Not from Gladden, but Thugg is in it so I thought I put; from SoM b4 heal proc gear

Strike from the Shadows! (video credited to Kozzmo)

Croner Drunk as a Skunk (video credited to Kozzmo)

Gladden Ettenmoors SoM pvp (video credited to Kozzmo)

Tarvin vs. Maahanmutto (video credited to Kozzmo)

Penguinslayer vs. Javathegut (video credited to Zebz)

The Flying KB (video credited to Cyclic, his most viewed!)

PVMP-lord of the rings online Gladden (video credited to Unda from Os filhos de Hurin)

Run Kalib Run Book 12-14 PvP (video credited to Cuomo)