Winnwyn - played "support LM" in moors back when that was really useful. One right-hand man of the Phalanx LM trio (Dracen, Sowen). - Aris contribution

Viceras (Misadventure)- The John Cena of Gladden. The one and only Buffalo rider, the most annoying and funny man you can run into. Make sure you don't annoy him and don't try to argue with him. He's been around since book 12 SoA and been trolling people on the forums ever since. He's a professional at making people look dumb and a good raid leader, overall a good guy with taco in his heart. He was the first freep that was homegrown to complete the tier 5 Monster slayer deed and attain "Warlord" (post update 11). He became the 2nd Rank 14 Freep on Gladden, 1st rank 14 hunter as of Update 14.1* -Tingur contribution/Ewoc edit*

Valistar- Coming to prominence in the book 12-14 SoA era, Valistar was made the freep leader of the Ettenmoors from the deeming of the famous, formerly great leader Gleefelin as he made his "turn to the dark side" in order to make more fights for creeps better. Valistar became famous for his turtling ways against even numbers with oil atop keeps such as Tirith Rhaw and Lugazag and his camping of greenies at grams, until pushed out by Genbu/Aeons. When keeps were about to fall and getting tired of wiping so much, Valistar gave up and told his freep compatriots to flee for their lives, tho occasionally a few others in his raid, usually stayed behind to fight to the end for death and glory. He would usually wait at Glan Vraig till his forces were overwhelmingly powerful, then would strike after boring the creep opposition that was even with him to death, and made them log from waiting so long to fight him and his 2 raids, another reason why he received criticism from creeps. He also formed raids to hunt down notorious players/starhuggers such as Killerr, Clibni, and Cojiro when he was starhugging, which made pvp fun. He was also apart of a famous 3-leader raid lead, joining forces with the mentally unstable Kalib and the peculiar Ootyfast to fight Genbu/Aeons and Didnthurt's armies for a battle of epicness where Valistar for once proved his worth. After the lag-filled fighting with creeps was over in the epic battle of the ages, he took his raid to the delving with 2 other raids to confront Gaergoth the delving boss, but failed due to lag, tho a 2nd attempt was a success*. Valistar went on hiatus and came back, at first his return being seen as a desperate greatness to respark Gladden pvp. The results proved negative, as Valistar had changed dramatically. Though he lead raids, Valistar also used to enjoy 1v1s. The reason for his hatred is to be believed because he was terrible at them so he zergs them because if he couldn't, no one could, or when he was at the tavern "Moors Mash" and was knocked out over the head with a chair in a drunken bar fight with Gleefelin, and lost his wits. Anyway, this changed Valistar, and his Mccarythist ways towards 1v1s and just saying moronic things in general has destroyed his reputation even further. It is believed that he is a Communist ironically, as he can be seen spamming glff to this day about "gaining commies for his cause". Finally, he has a Billy Bob Thorton voice which makes him .1% epic, and yeah, I guess I'll mention he was the first rank 10 Freep on Gladden, so that was a pretty neat accomplishment. -Ewoc Contribution/Clown edit*

Urthona - A young man with a relentless talent to QQ in the the shadow of the larger Azareth*. In simple spars and 1v1s, you could not win against Urthona. This was not due to his skill or talent, but the point that you either used an illegitimate cool down, he was bugged, Turbines fault and/or skill lag. He would sometimes make new creeps or freeps to bring himself up in typing conversation, only to rage when people would express their hatred and annoyance of him. Some say that he and Azareth shared the Azurelady in the french fashion, we may never know... -Blackhaert contribution

Ughidontknow- Famed for being one of the first hunters in moors to reach 9k morale unbuffed at 65 in SoM, and somehow being unable to play without a pocket cappy healer (honorable mention: Neitosesen). He is the 3rd hunter to reach rank 14 on Gladden in Update 16.4. -Swifteagle Contribution

Uiphor- An elven warrior that was fighting the war in the Ettenmoors from the break of its dawn, Uiphor had witnessed the harsh cruelty that it had dealt to his allies since his arrival as a young, promising tracker under Captain-General Lainedehel in prebk12. He was one of the original glorified Rank 6s of the prebk12 days, when such a task was a grueling achievement to garner oneself as a veteran of the Moors. Known for his silent guile in the art of hunting, Uiphor made his rounds in the Moors dispatching the foes of the Free Peoples' with the swift, deadly shaft of his arrow going deep and true within his enemies' appendages and skin, doing so for a long while up to near the end of SoM. Although Uiphor was never big on joining the Free Peoples' army directly, he would secure their outer perimeter, tracking his foes down and picking off the forces of Angmar one by one. No one knows what happened to Gladden's first Commander/Third Marshal, there is tell that he thought about going to the Undying Lands with Elrond and his people to finally get away from the bloody malice of war, others say he was captured by the enemy, becoming tortured and enslaved, before finally breaking free and making his way to Rivendell, but I like to think, he may have found some small measure of peace, that we all look for, but few of us... ever find (Last Samurai quote). -Ewoc contribution

Unca- Dwarves have come and go in the Ettenmoor, but there were few with the integrity of this one. Unca of the Blue Mountains was boulder of ballistic 360 death to whomever dared to surround him in the open field. This valiant soldier of the Freeps was one of the mainstays of Valistar's forces in book 12-14, as his importance to the raid was crucial. To try and counter Genbu and Aeons' Blender, Valistar would try to ball up in the oil under TR/Lugz and utilize Unca's AOE to tenderize the Creeps that entered the keep (keep in mind this was before back doors were created in RoR). Unca was renowned for his aoe ability to keep wargs away from the minstrels at hotspot battles, as well as assisting Vinner in the guard of the Freeps as they retreated back from Grams to make sure no one would die. In addition, he would be a thorn in many of the warleaders' sides, particularly Genbu, whose loathing for fatties knew no bounds, as Unca's clobbering ability made him a prime target for the Creeps. He was the first dwarf to rank 11, and the 2nd champion to it behind Mariuss. Even today, Unca would serve as a vital piece to any Freep raid, and his services would be welcomed mightily for the Freeps that now struggle to hold the territory of Osgiliath. -Ewoc contribution

Trix- One of the original hobbit burglars and gankers in the Moors, Trix made use of his small stature and swift guile to deceive his opponents. He was born in the Ettenmoors among the hobbits of Hoarhallow, rumored to be the brother of Mayor Watt Muddbottom. He defended long his home in Hoarhallow, hardening himself in battle having been an unfortunate spawn of the Ettenmoors, though perhaps a blessing for the people he defended. Trix's time frame spanned only briefly though, as he was only around in prebk12, until he was tortured and brutally murdered by the Fluffy Bunnies tribe, being a rarity that he was caught off guard, putting his sly gankery to an end. However, in that brief time, he became famous for making ganking in Hoarhallow a trademark enterprise, as well as being one of the most prolific gankers the Moors had known at that time. He is said to have influenced the controversial and infamous Seredir in his cautious and stealthy style of play. -Ewoc contribution

Tremolo- An elf minstrel that mainly kept to himself with a sense of calm aura that would rub off on his companions, Tremolo though taciturn in nature, had a resonating boom that would echo across the Ettenmoor in battle. From a young age, the elf of Rivendell possessed a uplifting spirit that would easily translate into his characteristics as a minstrel. He would be apart of the crucial contingents of minstrels such as Fruito, Barth, Theadra, and Perchelm among others to make up the motivating myriad of minstrels. His time would be of relative short term, lasting only until late Moria, briefly appearing in SoM before making his residence at Imladris to sooth the saddened souls of those who remain from the departed into the Undying Lands. - Ewoc contribution

The Brothers:
Tides and Primitive - hilarious to listen to in vent or raids. Tides reinvented the hunter class. -Aris contribution

Theadra- This elf minstrel would be one of the most combative in the history of Freeps. He was always seeking a challenge, compared to the likes of Musashi Miyamoto or Achilles in always wanting a tougher opponent to go against. Theadra was a close friend of Mudin and Gleefelin (see bios) in prebk12, being another to maintained the precious rank 6, but though he was well-liked amongst the Freeps, he mainly kept to himself, adventuring into the vast unknown wilderness to bring about doom to those he came across. Being fond of hobbits, he mainly stayed in the area of Hoarhallow, bringing sensual tunes of elvish grandeur akin to the songs of the First Age to the hobbits who had seen darker days than most. He would only remain in the Moors for a time, leaving for much of book 12-14, and only coming back briefly in Moria (perhaps leaving for the Undying Lands), but his songs of days brighter than that of now would continue to be a reminiscent reminder to the hobbits that had the fortune to listen to such masterful melodies. - Ewoc contribution

Thanduil- Believed to be the half-brother of King Thranduil of Mirkwood and uncle to Legolas, this dark elf committed himself fully to the Freep army of the Ettenmoors at behest of Thranduil, to make sure the northern frontier of Middle-Earth was secure and that the once Greenwood's presence would be felt from his aid. He began his journey there in prebk12, said to be nearly as skilled as Lord Thranduil with the blade, and Legolas with the bow, providing a truly deadly combo. Thanduil would be of much assistance to the Freeps, particularly of those associated with Dark Paradigm of the likes of Dorinori and Pendelas, as his time there would span from as far as into late Moria. It is said he may have fell into shadow when he was asked to return home to battle against the forces of Dol Guldur, though it is a rumor that has never been confirmed, though his service to the Ettenmoors will never be forgotten. There is also hear that he fell madly in love with a Dale maiden by the name of Masiela, and that he has settled down with her while defending the lands of Dale from goblins, but his whereabouts are unknown. -Ewoc contribution

Tanen- “I'm not your buddy, guy”, a quote from Melicki quoting Tanen and his lasting effect on the young hunter. Tanen was a fellow of mystery, having only a few people actually had any direct contact (such as Daisyfleur and Dracen in their days with No Quarter) with the meandering, care-free ganker, yet you could feel the aura of tomfoolery that ebbed off his elfish entity. Tanen was of one of the most famous of elf hunters, being the first one to get a legit Rank 9 in the Ettenmoors (unlike Fenore), an accomplished feat as he gained it all in prebk12, as well as being the first to Stalker's Enemy and Veteran. He fought along side Silverest, but never in his actual raid, thus passing him in rank significantly as well as others. Though most of his notable exploits occurred in prebk12 and somewhat in book 12-14, he has left a marveling impact on the hunters he influenced, being a friend to the young, headstrong Tasolas, and a mentor to the aspiring, cunning leader Melicki. Tanen has disappeared mysteriously, as is his mantra of being an original solo hunter ganker, and his whereabouts are unknown. Some say he dwells in the Ettenmoors, silently slaying those creeps that dare wander the slugs at night, others say he fell to shadow, being mauled to death by a pack of wargs most likely lead by Killerr or Wolfgash, but this is only rumour. -Ewoc contribution

Tasolas- Tasolas the Great as he is known, Taso was one of the original, as well as one of the best, hunters of the moors of the prebk12 era, and going into the book 12-14 era-book 6 moria era. His greatness escalated after his prestige was seen in Silverest's raids, being a wiley strategist and cunning warrior at such a young age. He also became stronger after losing his 1v1 virginity to some slag warg that started to attack him at lvl 48, where he pulled out the victory. This encouraged Taso from then on to become a more solo oriented hunter, becoming a supercalafraciliousexpealladocious ganker alongside Tanen the Sensitive Slut, Nebchadrezzar, and going by himself most of the time. His favorite phrase is calling you a "faggot" to intimate you as a trolling technique. One time this instigated a battle between his soon-to-be long time lover Abomination, though Taso was intimated by his manly, scary low pitched adolescent voice, Taso held firm, gaining respect from his long time creep rival. He also came to know his friend Vinner and gain respect for him after showing how powerful the hunter could be in a spar, barely pulling out a win with a well timed heartseeker at the end through his swift kiting. He even went as far to mess with his friend, saying that his close Canadian buddy Nebuchadrezzar, had died of cancer, causing Vinner to sorrowfully give his sympathies to Taso, only to find out it was a hoax. Though believed dead by Abiss killing him, he was actually banned for 6 months for his nationalism, spamming "O Canada" in glff. Now he comes back, showing his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all life. One cock ring to rule them all, one cock ring to find them, one cock ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, blind them with his jizz! -Ewoc contribution

Tasomus-The son of Tasolas, known as the Jesus of Guardians, Tasomus was conceived by a hobbit from Whorehallow that his father had mated with on one of his drunk sexcapades, which is how he garnered his stocky, well-oiled body nature. Believing his father was dead at a young age (see Tasolas) told by his father's friend Vinner, who would take care of him in his youth, Tasomus swore to himself that he would avenge his father's death and not let anyone beat him ever if he could help it. Tasomus was at peak power in the moria era-early SoM days. Tasomus was the perfect specimen of Spartan soldier, being said that he was the "Chosen One" of Guardians (he also had the best BA, warg, and reaver at times, excelling at every class he played). His teacher would be the old guardian Vinner of the moors and would become his most powaful apprentice, the student eventually becoming the master; in his first spar training session against the seasoned guardian, he managed to beat Vinner with shoddy gear, tho Vinner had shoddy gear as well and no To The King; Tasomus would be the only guardian that could beat Vinner fairly consistently (60/40) in spars. This showed the potential Taso possesed, even though Vinner wasn't the best guard of the moors, for it was soon to be him; though Vinner taught him little, Taso adapated to his own style, implementing and innovating the "kiting guardian" technique to perfection, being near impossible for any to defeat. His only real defeat by a creep, unexpectedly, was when his arrogance blinded him at his young age and he lost to a rank 5 Thugglife, but Taso came back to destroy him many times to show that he would not be made a fool of. This was before Taso was granted his new prize. He was then granted a powerful 1st age lvl 60 hammer said to be the same in might as Thor's and similar to Excalibur for King Arthur in usage, as well as the size of his penis and his mollywhopping abilities, from the Turbine gods, being a gift to the Chosen One, having the perfect legacies to achieve his legacy and his goal called "The Hammer of the Seven Jew Gods", which he still has to this day; it was requested by the Bree Museum, but, like his father, he called them a "faggot museum". This allowed for him stay outta range of his opponents for the whole fight if he strafed correctly and flawless stagger positioning. With this gear tho, however, Taso did not have enough... He wanted more.... He wanted to become the most powerful warrior/guardian the moors had ever seen. In his conquest, he destroyed the much better-geared Greens, said the best guardian in the moors at the time till Taso proved otherwise, 13 times in a row in spars, without Taso having Symbols of Battle, on average beating him with 5k everytime at 65. His power would prove to be too great, as the greatest guardian of Gladden would let his arrogance and hatred consume him, causing him to go to the dark side of the force! When his former master heard about this, he had to put a stop to Taso, being the only person that could. The dialogue and battle you saw afterwards was synonomous to "Battle of the Heroes" in Star Wars with Obiwan and Anakin. Though he lost more spars than he won, Vinner was able to quell his anger, and Taso returned to his senses, learning the errors of his ways of joining the darkside. They remain gay lovers to this day, and it is said that Taso will return one day to unleash the wrath of the Chosen One once more upon the unsuspecting creeps that have shivered in fear at the mention of this Gladden Guardian legend. -Ewoc contribution

Swifteagle- Contrary to the relationship between Kerelas and dwarves, Swift seems to be your everyday elf in his hatred of dwarves. Swift came to being in the book 12-14 days, but made more of an impact during the Moria and SoM days in effect to his overall role in the Ettenmoors and still to this day. An instigating troublemaker of sorts, and stubborn as a mule when it comes to stances on certain topics, Swift would propell this attitude onto many he would meet, his lack of caring when it came to interrupting 1v1s at times would cause disdain from many creeps, but he would also be an elf that was willing to fight in 1v1s as well. His doubting the abilities of what he could do would be a constant battering of how strong he could be if he put in the time and effort to learn more, though he was still able to hold his own at times, but could become stronger if he took this into account. His rivalry with a certain dwarf and his ability to use a bow made him angry, as he believed it was unnatural for a dwarf to be skilled in archery, causing for unwarranted attacks on the dwarf's person. However, though they may not always see eye to eye, especially when it came to morale vs dps in RoI and what was the better build *cough morale cough*, there seems to be a realm of mutual respect, though it is hard to untangle from his silky elven locks at times. -Ewoc contribution

Streetoria- Imagine a Vinner, a live Vinner, a real Vinner. A Vinner who doesn't constantly babble about the people he hates and why those times were better. If you can do that you have Streetoria. A guy everyone could love, a person who holds no grudges and plays this game for the fun of it. He started out in the beta and would play until the end of the RoI era. He holds a certain fondness of the Rift raid like everyone else, but he never got interested in the Moors. Until the fateful day where Tingur entered DotH for a 4 days period. Like with Vinner, they bonded instantly once they talked like real people to each other (maybe Street and Vinner are secret brothers lol). Streetoria would soon join DotH in their raids in Ettenmoors, there he would target Tingur without mercy. He took great pleasure in killing Tingur and would practice 1v1s with him. If there was one person you shouldn't judge in DotH it would be Streetoria without a second thought. He had no interest whatsoever in kinship wars and he would just play the game. Proving to be one heck of a champion (probably Haldaim's greatest influence on his way to master the champion class). He would later leave LOTRO for person life stuff however I could have sworn I saw his burg here the other day. Streetoria was and will always be my fave Champ in LOTRO and always had a fondness for me. - Tingur contribution

Sparkman- When you think of Sparkman, you think of his hilarious, guttural "Screw you, Grimphore, you faggot!" quote, as well of course him being the most underrated rk due to not having all his gear and not being in the popular kins, yet arguably the best 1v1 rk on Gladden. Though not often credited, Sparkman was imperative in making the "melee style rk" used today famously in 1v1s; this style entailed little to no kiting, while not using skills such as Perfect Imagery and Armor of Storm, for the longest time, 2 I win skills on RK, and winning. Sparkman was so fluent at rk, he was able to beat lvl 65 creeps in SoM as an underlvl, highest at 64, to lowest beating a creep being lvl 56. At the end of SoM, Sparkman very rarely lost a 1v1, having a near perfect and influential mitigation build for other rks. Sparkman started as a warden named Ruguy as well as toons on Brandywine, but failed epically at warden (which he admits), so he went to Rk to be great at that. He also started out on creep in Moria, but didn't play often until SoM; his Rk became famous in SoM and still is a threat to this day. Unlike his gay lover Grimphore, he is a bit more fiesty in combat, charging more and dying more than any other rk, with having a total of 6k deaths, most on any rk of Gladden. Together, him and Grimphore make a powerful, yet cute couple. Their love is said to be compared to Anakin and Padme's love in Star Wars, and you can hear "Across the Stars" playing faintly whenever they are with each other. They soon plan to adopt a dwarf named Ewoc Lechoad to be their semi-mentally challenged son. -Ewoc contribution

Spwit- Not much is known about this mysterious mercenary, warrior-hunter that at Rank 13 hailed from Crickhollow/Meneldor, but he has proven to the Creeps/Freeps of Gladden that he can be a worthy adversary to those he crosses paths with. Spwit became the first unofficial rank 14 and 15 Freep and player on Gladden; although this was quite the accomplishment for the Gladden community to witness, he is not fully recognized as a truly heralded member of Gladden's army, but has been welcomed with open arms by friend and foe alike. Incendio the Blackarrow has since taken the title of the 1st official rank 14 and 15 player, while Duimegrant took the title of 1st official rank 14 Freep. Until Gladden garners a king to the throne of highest Free Peoples' rank of the Gladden Ettenmoors, Spwit served as a Steward to the throne for the first, true Captain-General of Gladden's Ettenmoors Army before transferring back to Meneldor, much like Denethor, except not crazy. -Ewoc contribution

Sowen- One of the original 3 great lms of the prebk12 era, Sowen was the apprentice/*disciple of Dracen*, being apart of the kin No Quarter, then later Phalanx, which he later joined the famous LM trio consisting of him, his master, and Winnwyn. "He has been mentioned already, but I'll add my two cents. He was a warleader's NIGHTMARE. If Sowen was on you, good luck getting any heals off in those days of no newfangled stances and traits to give inductionless heals." -Ewoc Contribution/Urg quote/Aris addition*

Slayzz- Mired in his uncreative name being influenced by a terrible game known as WoW, this young, erratic warrior is known as the "Emo Eradicus" for his incessant use of ./wrists to display his displeasure to his enemies. Slayzz's beginnings come from that of book 6 Moria, when he didn't have any idea what he was doing and was at first an extreme coward akin to that of the Trojan prince Paris. After hardening himself in battle and seeing how those he admired fought around him, he trained and became a deadly decapitator of souls. He was an underrated hunter that never fully garnered his true potential due to lack of gear, but could very well hold his own. In SoM, his focal point mainly became on being a burglar known as Backstabzz (uncreative WoW again), and would arguably become one of the best at 1v1ing on the class to have ever played, mastering the class remarkably and actually having been geared. He went back to his accursed WoW early in RoI and RoR, coming back here and there to check in, and has finally returned fully in HD, trying to reclaim his former prowess that he had attained in battle. -Ewoc contribution

Silvey- One of the many apprentices of Darth Vinner, yet one of his most powaful, Silvey was a dwarf that was strong in the force from the day he was wrought out of an egg of a troll's behind, which made him look very odd in comparison to his other dwarf brethen being half-troll and half-dwarf, yet much stockier and "well-endowed". Though he is fondly referred as Silvey, he has many identities, his first ones being Cyphin and Lilchaney, spanning from prebk12-book 12-14 era before becoming Silvey. He meddled with malevolent forces beyond his control though, and eventually became Darth Curr, having an unequivocal strength not known by men. He transformed even more in RoI, transforming into the sliperry spider known as the dreaded Curlybill, starting out on Elendilmir, then coming in his full power to Gladden. The darkside had mde him stronggggg and powaful *Sidious voice* which was guudddddd guuudd and would please his Master Vinner much. At last we would reveal ourselves to the Freeps/Creeps... At last, we would have revenge.... Eventually though, he decided to wreak his vengeance on the Creeps, yet still harnessing his dark power on his guardian Mannheim and his captain Bombata.- Ewoc contribution

Silverest- Known as the first definite leader of the freeps, Silverest was the renowned leader of the 1st age of the moors (prebk12 SoA). He cleverly made the hunter turret to destroy the early and weak ranks of Angmar, most of the time the creep forces being unable to repel its strength, tho his strong rival in strategy, Silentnight, was able to break his lines occasionally. His charisma and tactics made him a favorite among freeps, and even revered among creeps. He made many of his famous battles outside of TR, posthumously being named "Silverest Rock" where he made stand after stand against the creep armada. A young, lvl 46 footman by the name of Gleefelin(Didnthurt/Kaleef) I saw was scuplted from Silverest's raids; tho I knew he would someday become great, his story/legacy took an unfortunate different path, though I digress. I only had the privilege to group with him once, tho fought him many times on my old rank 3 BA. Though he has now mysteriously disappeared into shadow and was only last seen by his freep compatriots on January 26th, 2008, legend says he fights in the wilderness, mainly in the woods of LC, west of HH, or in Arador's End in an endless battle with his worthy opponent Silentnight. A statue is said to have been in the process of being made for Silverest, but it has been long delayed by Turbine's laziness, so we just use Silverest's rock as tribute instead. -Ewoc contribution

Seredir - Son of Ancient of Days leader and noted glff social butterfly Josephues, this young man is one of the most (in)famous star huggers ever to grace our server. Well known for his aversion to being killed under any circumstance, he has reached 5 stars not only on Seredir his burglar, but also on his hunter and BA, and reaching 1800+ rating on no fewer than 9 different characters. His penchant for eluding death is such that merely realizing he is in the vicinity can cause opposing raid leaders to go into a blind rage and order their followers to drop all other priorities and engage in a single minded spam tracking manhunt to try to prevent him from escaping once more. He has also been distinguished by his prowess in "forum pvp" - one such exchange with the equally forum-pvp-distinguished Genbu culminating in an epic 1v1 battle to the death in the Plains of Gram arena area, attended by over a raid worth of spectators (including this archivist). Sadly, in his quest to gain further and further advantages and engage in more and more unusual stunts, Seredir fell to the dark side and became infamous for "exploits" of another kind, earning him a long ban from the game. He returned from exile in spring 2012, hopefully having learned his lesson, to continue infuriating his opponents with his death-defying antics (though he has claimed he is not in full-blown star hugging mode these days). -Urg contribution

Revmag- Known as the "Sultan of Stalking", Revmag is probably the creepiest man, yet one of the funniest people, you will ever "meat", in game or out. He has an obsession with Miranda Cosgrove as well as showing his "glory" to the unsuspecting women of Gladden. Revmag somehow knows everything about everyone even if he wasn't there at the time or doesn't know you personally. Revmag is the epitome of "I know what you did last summer" in his mentality. Well, he started out on his hunter in prebk12, tho short-lived, and came back to prominence on his hunter in the book 6 era, being the 2nd highest ranking dwarf hunter behind Revas (rank 6), yet eventually becoming the highest rank dwarf (rank 7) hunter b4 being surprassed by Ewoc (rank 9). However tho, he is still considered the original dwarf hunter, tho not very good at it, but is still awesome in his own creepy regard. Later on, he played creepside permanently in book 6, and saw how underpowered creeps were after being so ignorant and wrong about them being OP compared to his hunter in book 6. He is the definition of a true "creep". Revmag currently continues his futile attempts to "snatch" up the e-sluts of lotro. -Ewoc contribution

Rikenslayer- A simple old fellow, yet with a grumpy temperament, he would be a nuisance to those he would interact with. Constantly chattering and rambling about nonsense on end, the once proud guardian went koo-koo-kachoo and believed himself to be a runekeeper, though having no discernible wisdom or actually pedigree in that department. Due to similarities other than the personality, it is believed that he was Gunnor's evil twin, and was an indirect cause for Gunnor's fall to Creep side. - Ewoc contribution

Pathogenic- Not much was known about this vagabond warrior from Meneldor, but he made his presence felt instantly. Normally, it is not common to write about a fighter of such a low rank in SoM, but this rank 6 warden had shown what it truly meant to feast on your adversaries. He proved to be the mightiest warden of them all at the time of SoM. - Ewoc contribution

Perchelm (RIP November 20th, 2013)- This eloquent man minstrel of the early ages of the Ettenmoors was said to have been a bard of impeccability (so impeccable he even had a fish named after him called the "Perfect Perch), his skill inspiring not only his fellows, but many future minstrels to come. Perchelm rose to strength and became a premiere figure in prebk12, his peak being in book 12-14, where at a 1v1 tournament hosted by Genbu and Aeons challenging all the best freeps, he proved his worth against one of the most derelict of fiends in Abomination (watch their video labeled "Perchelm vs. Abomination" in the "Ettenmoors Events" section), defeating the vile spider in a closely contested battle. It was after this that Perchelm gained the respect of both creep and freep alike having been able to contend with one of the greatest weavers the Moors had seen. Perchelm was not only one of the best minstrel 1v1ers to have come about, but was prized for his healing ability, making up a vital part of a raid when going up against the Blender. He also induced and led a grand raid of minstrels in book 12-14 to show the true might of music and song that could be accompanied from minstrels, and to show those minstrels how effective they could be in the Ettenmoors.* After his glory days in book 12-14 were behind him, he went into peaceful solitude, enjoying his days in the Shire to give delight to the passersby from their long journeys. The irony is that songs of Perchelm were sung by influenced minstrels among those in Eriador of his great deeds. Some days, Perchelm, though being retired for the most part, was sought to come to battle in the Ettenmoors, his friends needing his musical uplifting once more to get them through the tough battles throughout MoM and SoM. It was said maybe one day the minstrel that had other minstrels sing about him would return one day to fully share his glorious glow of grace once more. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as he had passed into shadow on November 20th, 2013. -Ewoc contribution/Primitive edit*

Pendelas- An arrogant, yet fun-loving, skilled champion, though not as skilled as Azareth being a friend of his, known for his fear of losing stars, though not as much as Dori's early days, Pendelas's famous recanting of "It's a Trap!" left an impression on all he came in contact with. He was a member of the former popular kin Dark Paradigm. I met this champion of Gondor personally in a raid when I was rank 4, and we bonded very well. Unfortunately, his story has an honorable, yet tragic ending. Teamed with his dwarf companion Dorinori, the two fought in many hard-fought battles together against the creep horde in prebk12. He also was an asset to have in a raid as he would be a key component for its successes. Later on in his Ettenmoors war career, ironically to increase his rating, he was patrolling Hoarhallow when he saw 2 level 40 hobbits running from a creep group of greenie wls. Pendelas went to their aid to save them from these seemingly easy opponents. Pendelas's hidden honor would shine on this day, for little did he know that Abiss, one of the greatest BAs in the history of Gladden, was leading the Uruk greenie warleader army. The story is very similar to Boromir defending Merry and Pippin from Lurtz and his uruks. When Pendelas saw Abiss with them, he took down as many greenie wls as he could, tales saying he killed 10-20 uruks before finally being slain by 3 arrows in his chest and protecting the hobbits as he told them to make for the safety of Glan Vraig. The hobbits found a nameless warrior and told him about what had happened and he rode off to Hoarhallow to save Pendelas... tho it was too late. The nameless warrior found Abiss and made him his bane, watching his few warleader brethen remaining flee to the hills of Gramsfoot. He then found Pendelas pinned against a tree in Hoarhallow on his last breath, letting him know that he had fought with honor. He is said to have been buried somewhere west of HH in honor of his deeds. Be at peace... Son of Gondor.. -Ewoc contribution.

Pelegond- A long time tracker of the armies of the Ettenmoors, Pelegond was famed for his efforts far reaching from his homeland of Dale to being a key asset of the Freep Army in scouting for Gleefelin across the bounds. Never directly correlated with the raids however due his deadly illness called Lagosis, a form of affliction similar to a werewolf, where if he came in contact with a certain object he would change form, as he would become his alter ego, the Red Reaver, if he was too involved within the freep raid, which would be deadly for both sides who dare incur his wrath. Pelegond began his stealthy existence in prebk12, and would later come back for a brief stint in Moria before ultimately leaving. He was one of the few hunters that could contend with the fury and strength of Abiss, calling upon his darker form when engaging with the harrowing Blackarrow, though it is unknown if he was ultimately slain by Abiss or not, but that remains a mystery. - Ewoc contribution

Push- This burglar of man came to being in the days of golden yore, the beginning age of book 12. He was just a young, mischievous lad then, but now he has grown into a capable warrior, though there is a story behind what happened to his taller form that was seen as a hilarious mockery, yet he is still well-respected by those he comes in contact with. Known by his popular name, the Canadian Canoodler, Push was like any young burglar that entered the Moors: guileful, cunning, and seeking richer rewards to reap. However, it would not be as easy as it appeared, as when the rush for the new pvp armor was upon the Freeps, they would be met by heavy opposition from Genbu and Aeons. So, with Valistar at the head, and Ooty in 2nd command, and the occasional Kalib at the helm, Push would be a premiere scout for the Freep brigades in seeing where Genbu and Aeons would move next. Though the Freeps lost more battles than they won, he would still serve a purpose for the best possible route to retreat back to GV with limited casualties and did his duty well under the crazy and mad Valistar making the calls. After many of the Freep armies had been diminished and Valistar had gone completely coo-coo cachoo, Push would seek other ventures. He later went on to join a kin by the name of Serious Business to provide their services to them. Now, to the story of how he shrunk. Apparently one night, he was messing around with Mayor Watt Mudbottom's wife (ironically involving her "mud bottom") of course being a burglar always wanting to seek riches, though sometimes not the type of riches you'd think of a burglar to steal, but another man's wife. So with that, Watt found him, canoodling as usual, in his mayor's office, and sought the power of Katsimbalis to shrink the carnivorous cop-feeler, as Watt was jealous that he couldn't have the size of a man's dingaling, he wanted Katsimbalis to make Push his size. Doing this changed Push into the hobbit minstrel known as Shovo, but his Radaghast-like wits from being transformed made him change himself into Potahtaytoe, always murmuring "boil em' mash em, stick em in a stew" to wander-bys. Though his size changed, he would always be the same lovable buffoon, and the change made him so he simultaneously was one of the first freeps to have 2 rank 12s. - Ewoc contribution

Nirtti- Known as the "Milf Mistress", Nirtti has to be the biggest seductress/cock/chode teases in history of Gladden. With her talent in dismantling men with her pretty little fingers, she is able to destroy her opponent in 1v1s with her promiscuous promises of nudes, though never shows them to you! Nirtti is a minstrel of Gladden, but at first gained more notoriety on her BA Extenze. She is the right hand slag/concubine to Viceras in his raids and one of the key figures in making up her kin's pvp group Serious Business's phenomenal healers. -Ewoc contribution

Mudin- From a young age, Mudin was an elf of precarious nature, not generally going about the norm of fighting in the Moors, using his guile more so than his adept fighting skills to conquer his opponents. This Mirkwood marauder would be a vital companion to anyone he chose to ally with. Early on in prebk12, having gotten rank 6's noble mark of veteran-ship, he would be one of Gleefelin's main scouts, tracking the movements of the likes of Angoth's hordes. He continued his due diligence in book 12-14, Moria, and SoM, though by that time Gleefelin was completely lost to the dark side of the Moors, for which Mudin would have to track down Gleefelin's alter ego, Didnthurt, and endeavor to put an end to his old leader. However, it would be noted that around the time of RoI, he himself too would succumb to a darker magic, and join the legions of Vurgash. He has not been seen as of late, but his deeds of the Free People will not be forgotten, even if he is of a darker ilk, but even the most hopeless souls are not without hope to be redeemed. - Ewoc contribution

Melicki- He is a hunter warrior that was greatly respected, and still is today, among his Freep allies, and revered by the Creeps. His humble beginnings began in prebk12 , where he earned his mark as one of the few to acquire the coveted "Rank 6" when it was a badge of honor to wear such and was saluted by all while being apart of the kin, Extra Crispy. Melicki soon after prebk12 became a figurehead in the moors for his aggressive, honorable style of leading, as well as his play overall like 1v1ing and being decent at it in book 12-14 and MoM in the Phalanx kin. He was one of the few freep leaders that could contend with Aeons/Genbu's infamous "Blender" raid due to his sheer leadership and prowess in strategy in battle. He unfortunately departed to fight another battle for glory and honor in a foreign land, easily synonymous to his acts of heroism in the moors. When he came back for stints in SoM, he and his former great friend and kinmate, Kaitlyn, who turned to the darkside and became Vurgash, had become heated opponents, Melicki more times than not besting his lost and corrupted companion. When he quelled him, Melicki once again left, and came back briefly in RoI and RoR, while he continues to defend us in a foreign land, soon to be home safely to resume his fight in the Ettenmoors. Anyone who comes in contact with Melicki and his green zucchini outfit with skates on easily becomes infatuated with him and applauds his integrity.- Ewoc contribution

Mason- Mason the Bumbling was a captain of underlying leadership. Unlike most of his captain cohorts, Mason held a calmer zeal at first, eventually having his personality peer through on the battlefield of boisterous proportions. The most benevolent of the Tremendous Trio, Mason would become a figurehead of being considered one of the best 1v1 cappies on Gladden, rivaling that of Croner at the time of book 12-14, and the newly arrived Aristidies in Moria. - Ewoc contribution

Luckystrike - A mellow fellow, Luckystrike came to pass in the midst of the pulsating pvp era in book 12-14. Lucky was your average, mediocre champion in the moors that would partake in the everyday raiding under Valistar and the freep armies. He was just a simple footman doing his due duty in helping repel Angmar's forces led by Aeons/Genbu. As Moria approached, however, Luckystrike was not content with just being your "run of the mill" champion. He wanted to be something more, a true champion of the Free Peoples'. Seeing the likes before him of Azareth, Reedee, Pendelas, and Mariuss, he wanted to be apart of that top tier company of Man champions that were revered for their glory and strength for all whom had the misfortune or pleasure to come across them in battle. Through much solo trials and tribulations, Lucky would 1v1 a reaver that would test his ability in combat to help hone his own skill further. Many a fight they would have with the rank 6 reaver at the time not having BoF at the Steps of Gram, resulting in double kills for them both. Eventually, Lucky would master the kiting technique that was well-versed by Azareth early on, and with his absence would himself become the top-tier champion of the Moria-SoM era, being nearly as fluent in his fighting as Azareth had been ages before. His appearances now are rare, but Lucky's a testament to how one simple footsoldier of the Free Peoples' through hard work and dedication could become something that they didn't seem they could aspire to be like many greats before him, and chart the path for his own legacy to be set in stone on the grounds of the Ettenmoor. - Ewoc contribution

Khaotik (Blackhaert)- Known as the greatest lm in the Gladden Moors prebk12 of the 3 great lms of the era, tho not entirely appreciated for his greatness as he wasn't in the popular kins, Khaotik was a virile Elf that made famous the melee style of lm fighting, which he was very successful with in 1v1ing. He took the promising LM Nebuchadrezzar under his wing to teach him his ways as his protege. He also used his unorthodox eagle companion strategy to defeat warleaders with ease, going against the popular belief that ravens were the way to beat a warleader and other creeps. He was an original member of Dark Paradigm before leaving and making his own kin called The Elite, eventually being taken over by the aussie Doolaran. Khaotik was so powerful that he was banished by Turbine for his uncommonly large phallus, and his power is said to have been distributed to the LMs of today to make them stronger. The power of the Khaos it is called. It is said from legend that this once-powerful sorcerer can still be seen from time to time wandering the moors, tho not at his former strength, can still hold his own against a greenie. It is said his offspring is now the powerful warden, the Bush King.
Blackhaert- The son of Khaotik, the warden known as the "Bush King" for his ambushing from bushes as well as being a sexual deviant and his preference of bushes, he is credited for being the first warden of Gladden to attempt the dps spec style of warden, which were followed by the famous, great wardens such as Balaric, Chiknorris, Deregorn, and even the lack-lustered Voe. Like his father, he had an unorthodox, yet effective way of bringing new strats to the warden, such as his old effective strategy heal spec known as the "Wolverine" where he would stack Determination incmr and incmr traits to make himself near impossible to defeat. The Bush King was in hiatus for a long time, but his return is imminent like the fruit of his loins about to burst prematurely, and his virility shall be stronger than ever! -Ewoc contribution

Kerelas- Establishing himself in the days of SoM, Kerelas purported onto the scene as a rascal. He was a hunter that was raw in style, rather unkempt, but if molded correctly had the potential to be a force to contend with. As a young elf, he had much to learn about the ways of war, about how one must conduct himself to be successful, to think rather than to rashly act so as to know how to defeat a seemingly stronger opponent. A gnarly dwarf would show him these ways in RoI, making it a rare bond that would be formed between elf and dwarf. Though misunderstood for a time, both would show to appreciate such camaraderie. From this day, though he is oft not seen, he now has the presence of mind that comes with experience, and one day can hopefully impart his wisdom unto others. - Ewoc contribution

Kelewood- An oft overlooked champion that possessed much skill, he was one of the characters that comprised the Tremendous Trio, with his bloodbrothers Mudin and Mason. Being the most confident of the trio, Kelewood exuded more overconfidence at times than his skill at first. However, through vigorous training and watching the likes of Azareth, he became one of the most promising champions of the book 12-14 through Moria era, being on tier of Reedee in book 12-14, Azareth's strongest apprentice. - Ewoc contribution

Kalib- He was the leader of the Aussie groups as well as former leader of the kin EXODUS. Tho he rarely played primetime early in his career prebk12, Kalib was adored by the clueless Aussies, not knowing how crazy he really was. Eventually, however, Kalib became more prominent in the book 12-14 days and sought to bring his EXODUS group out as well as others to fight against Genbu/Aeons, with both them and their tribe mocking Kalib with many satirical videos. Kalib was one of the main focal points on the forums as for stirring things up and challenging Genbu and Aeons might with Valistar. Tho he lost more often than won and usually only came out to make the map blue when Genbu and Aeons weren't out, he provided good entertainment and could muster up good fights occasionally. Kalib is famous for not only going crazy with his grand, psychological scheme of pretending to quit the game then come back, but also for losing noobishly to Azhaudh with all his cds and excuses, one of the highest rank reavers at the time (rank 7) in a 1v1. His legacy was destroyed more with how he went about leaving the game. In an attempt to rebuild his legacy, he went on creepside for Gladden as well as transfer to Nimrodel on Kalib. Nimrodel was more successful for his legacy rebuilding than creepside, tho he doesn't play anymore. He is also responsible for making the abomination Thugglife the way he was, and took pride in creating him. - Ewoc contribution

Josephues- Fondly known by all as Joe, this guardian was a prominent figure in prebk12 and beyond as far as into RoI. He is the father of the controversial Seredir. Joe early on in his career in the Ettenmoors was a man of taciturn portrayal in prebk12, book 12-14, letting his actions in battle speak for himself, as seen by his perseverance when leading his kin, Ancient of Days. As of the eras of Moria and SoM, Joe became more of a figure to let his words guide his actions. Though he mainly kept to himself, his fortitude in battle was admired by all. Others that speak of Joe to this day, though he is rarely seen now, have nothing but the highest admiration for this man of character. - Ewoc contribution

Javathegut - Some say that this hobbit had the heart of a baboon removed from Christian Slater, and the soul of Ares within his magical KB stealing daggers.Sometimes two places at once, wherever a kill were to occur, Javathegut was there, stealing the KB, even if it were 0 damage, he would claim the creeps soul. Some say this anomaly was powered by an mysterious trinket he pick pocketed off Coldbear in Helegrod, absorbing all lives of wargs into its dark void. He was originally known as "Javathehutt", his assasin-esque abilities making him one of the first and few rank 6s.* -Blackhaert contribution/Ewoc edit

Insano- This Elf runekeeper has had a tumultuous journey through the Ettenmoors that has had been hard to track. His records unclear, there is one record that shows some clarity that he began in prebk12, but in a previous life as a hobbit minstrel named Insano in the kin of Dark Paradigm. He was said to be slain by a rabid pack of wargs in the moors, but something happened. Touched by the Valar in nearly the same way Gandalf was reborn, he had a task that needed to be done. He was reborn as the now runekeeper Insano, a new form of being at the time that was not seen by Creeps, but would be a force to not tread lightly against. Insano is said to have gotten so powerful over time that he mastered the art of duplication shapeshifting, where he could multiply himself into 6 small little hobbits to unleash death and destruction against the enemy. He was befouled by the enemy time and time again, bounties being placed by Creeps and Freeps alike for his death. Eventually, he stopped the magic that was too much to be harnessed consistently, and now sticks with his RK alone, having transferred there and back again and disappearing for periods at a time. He now returns to show what his former nature was capable of. -Ewoc contribution

Haldaim- From a background of a simple life, Haldaim came upon the crucibles of the Moors at the time of RoI. Before the War of the Ring, he had been a modest yeoman from the lands of Bumblefuck, Britain, an outlying, small region just beyond the bounds of Rohan. One day, while carving wooden spears for trade to the Westfold, he had an epiphany of himself fighting on the front lines of the Free Peoples, having seen many of his friends and even his lost lover, Michele Buble, cast down ruthlessly by the evil men of Dunland, and of recent days, Isengard. From that day, he dedicated himself to the art of the Warden, making his way to mainstays of Rohan to learn the ways from the great horselords there. Once seemingly adept at combat, he made his way to the Ettenmoors, as he heard tale of their being a constant struggle to maintain the north against the forces of Angmar. Haldaim, though proud in heart and determination, was underwhelming at first against these destructive, unrelenting foes. He was so unprepared for his role in the war, that even having trained up to a Master Guardsman, he was no match for a Reaver's sudden strikes and was brought low by the ferocious orc. However, from there on, it would prove to be a turning point, as he would persistently improve his skill in combat, and eventually, he became the certified best warden from HD onwards, having made enemies quake at his presence at the mere level of 85 against level 100s. Perhaps one day, one day, Haldaim will get his revenge against that reaver who made a fool of him so long ago, and unleash the true might that was shown within himself.- Ewoc contribution

Hecphant - great player, gets his own section for awesomeness.- Aris contribution

Hedvik- Hedvik was a hunter who started playing when Lotro was made F2P with his friend Tingur. It would pass many months before these two noobs started out in the Ettenmoors. While Hedvik kept working on his hunter Tingur would start on his Blackarrow. Hedvik was certainly new to the Moors. As he and the Champion Ironbeak (Tingur) would be utterly crushed by Bagbalm. Yet this didnt stop Hedvik from pushing on. He improved his gear and worked on his skills. Then finaly, he was ready to become a stand-out among the hunters on Gladden. This was in the RoI era, It was right after the Warg Class received some changes. So to say the Moors was filled with wargs everywhere and at any given time. Hedvik defeated many of those. And those he failed against would teach him a valuable lesson. One day he could go up against wargs such as Wolfgash and Kratlerr and come out as the winner. Then he defeated many other pro players of different classes such as Trainsrunneh who was one kickass reaver. His personal rival was Tingur and those two would fight each other over and over. The fights would go either way and sometimes the spar would end with both lying dead on the ground. It would come times when he was flamed, those who was around in the Dalok period will remember this. However he would always prove these trolls false by beating them over others who was twice as good. Hedvik would go out as one of the best hunters in the Rise of Isengard Expansion. However he left in RoR, he said he could not be bothered with doing the new grind. Personal comment: I lost my temper many times which he never did and that tells alot about his character. -Tingur contribution

Heady- Heady of the Fallohides as he is commonly and fondly known, he is not to be mistaken for Headaran and his toons as Heady was the original of Gladden. Heady is referred to as the first original hobbit hunter of the moors, as well as the best one. This laid back stoner enjoys the simpler things of life like ganking and mead. He was a notorious, yet revered enemy of Genbu and Aeons, believed to have single handily destroyed their whole raid by running them off the Cliff of Hoardale. Also, he was renowned for the Defense of TR and LC with his nameless brother-in-arms against a half raid-3/4 raid of Genbu/Aeons. He also perfected the "hobbit flop" desperate flight technique, which allowed for him to cleverly escape a huge amount of opponents. Though he lead little, and with the occasional help of Azareth, he was one of the only freep leaders that could put up a fight against Aeons/Genbu and dismantle the Soldiers of the White Hand. You can see Heady occasionally wandering the moors to this day, doing his contagious hobbit laugh at people for no reason. -Ewoc contribution

Hawken- Hawken, much like Tanen though started later than him, became one of the first solo hunter gankers. Hawken first started out grouped up with Silverest mainly, sparsely ganking here and there, but after attaining rank 6, he grew bored of group play and wanted to solely do what he believed the hunter was great for: hunting solo. He set off alone into the wilderness of Hithlad to hunt unsuspecting creeps and test out the true might of his bow, but much to his unknowing, he did not know the foreboding dangers that lay out in the dark of the wood. He was baited into a trap of Darktide Scrappers by Abiss as he was hunting one day, to be terribly ripped apart limb by limb, his screams enveloping the trees of the Hithlad, that themselves were terrible and evil also, and those that live can still remember the eerie, haunting screams that Hawken let out that night...--Ewoc contribution

Gilthonial- The son of Aneela, Gilthonial was a young, yet naive Runekeeper that had a hidden destiny laid before him. Early on in SoM, he would be amazed and in awe of one of the original 1v1 runekeepers in Sparkman. Seeing his ability, he wanted to undertake the task of becoming his apprentice. Apprehensive at first, Sparkman reluctantly took on the task of this wide-eyed student, and taught him many secrets of the trade. A curious thing happened however. Sparkman, being primarily a dps runekeeper, Gilthonial actually took another route, learning himself how powerful he could become with the heals the Runekeeper had at their disposal. He truly made known how strong the heals Rks had before they were commonly placed as OP today. He shares now being wiser to those young Runekeepers looking to make their statement in pvp, as Sparkman once did for him, but instead, he teaches them about the power that can be unleashed through curing of ailments. - Ewoc contribution

Gubernator- Gube was one of the original captains and leaders of the Free Peoples' armies in prebk12 from the lands of Gondor. He got to rank 6 before book 12, and was prominent in his role in fending off Silentnight's armies at the behest of Silverest, being one of his prime lieutenants. As many of his freep comrades had disbanded from either death or disappearance, Gubernator took on a different alias, and took up a bow and sword as a ranger by the name of Governator, and would seek to secure the borders of the Free Peoples' by making sure the Creeps would not venture far past the Steps of Gram. He was quoted by Abomination to have had "the best-timed heartseeker of any hunter". On occasion, he would lead the Freep raids to victory if called upon, showing that his prowess as a captain was still innate within him. He vanished without a trace sometime during MoM, though his quality in battle could be used by the Freeps now. At first, it was rumored that he took on the identity of Aristedies due to his voice similarity, but it was a false pretense-Ewoc contribution

Greens - "He would 'zerg' raids by himself... and sometimes win."* Popularized by his famous monotonous, bass-voice catch phrase, "Hey Guyssssssss", Greens proved to be one of the best guardians in the history of Gladden, as well as probably the highest, as well as "highest", hitting guardian on Gladden, tho sarcastically and ironically saying "Guards can't dps". One of his famous duels was that of an indirect 2v1 of Cyclic and Optimuss, beating Cyclic in a 1v1, then Opt mapping in and being unable to kill Greens afterwards, both being rank 10 reavers at the time. - Ewoc contribution/Aris quote*

Grimphore- Grimphore's origins were quietly introduced, tho quite the active talker at first ironically when meeting someone, but he soon came roaring into the Moors with his vaunted skill in battle. His upbringing came in SoM, where he really started to flourish, in part from motivating words (ironic since he is the one supposed to motivate) from Vinner to keep at his cappie and get Symbols of Battle, the ideal crafted relic for 65s, to realize his true potential. Gaining these items and other gear, he became one of the greatest 1v1 cappies, if not arguably the greatest 1v1 cappie to ever hit the Gladden moors. He used a good mitigation build which he moreso developed in RoI than SoM such as he, that Davil stole, the most fail cap on Gladden, and took credit as his own, even though he had no idea how good mits were at the time till he found out from Grimphore. He became famous for his 1v1s in SoM and onward, particulary developing the "Parry" buff strat, instead of the commonly used Crit buff one, which was eventually thwarted by people with good movement. In addition, in some 1v1s in RoI, Grimphore was able to beat some opponents with no aud gear and just his old pvp set, as well as beating a few noobs with just rift gear, even Renamedbl (Revmag on his friend's account) with no heals and banner, tho using his old pvp gear. Though being somewhat of a coward when it comes to staying behind to protect his fellows as a Captain should, he has his moments of bravery and honor while, much more often, effectively being able to heal and protect his companions. He also has a defiler named Munce from Moria onward, who is arguably the greatest Defiler in the Gladden moors and to have ever played (tho moreso undisputed in recent times due to loss of old, good defilers). He plans to soon get married to his gay partner Sparkman, his main companion of their dynamic duo, who have become very infatuated with one another ever since their first sexual encounter on Candy Mountain. It is was said that the sex was so legendary, you could hear Sparkman yelling "OH GRIMMMMPHOREEEEE" from all across the moors as he was being pounded in his buttox in their epic 2 minute ectasy.-Ewoc contribution

Gleefelin (Didnthurt/Kaleef)- First being seen as a footman of Silverest's army in the 1st age of the prebk12 days, Gleefelin was seen as a soon-to-be keen strategist of the Freep army. With the departure of Silverest, Gleefelin rose to power and is credited for leading the freep armies to glory in the later prebk12 era. He made many upon many of honorable battles for the freeps against the creep hordes, earning his renown through such actions. When book 12 came, he gave his leadership role of freeps to Valistar to go over to his creep to help the creep forces and make them stronger. This is when things turned for the worst. Though Gleefelin remained unaffected for a long time on his BA Didnthurt, now known as Kaleef, gradually he became...zergish in his ways, losing all form of honor in battle, unwilling to seek challenges and only wanted to fight the easiest of battles with overwhelming numbers against weaker forces in the open field, as well as zerging 1v1s. He became notorious for his zergs, aided by his tribe known as Dark ones of Middle Earth, whom he created to brainwash them and instill his zerging ways, though resisted by a few honorable tribemates of his. He also was the first rank 12 creep of Gladden, as well first 13 on the server, tho through dishonorable means and server transfers. Furthermore, whenever faced with a challenging opponent, either Aristedies or Viceras, he would log off and go to his other servers to seek easier infamy and fighting for him as he had lost his cunning ability. I for one am still ashamed to see the once honorable leader now turning to cowardice and gutless approaches.-Ewoc contribution

Fruito- Fruito was a pleasant little hobbit female minstrel, her name exemplifying her personality of being fruity: sweet and loving. Her arrival to the moors came in prebk12, as she was one of the predominant great healers of Gleefelin's raids. She was loved by many, not only for her healing, but her great personality, truly epitomizing what be a minstrel is by inspiring through song. Fruito was prevalent throughout prebk12-book 14, occasionally making her presence in Moria. Since then, it is said she has then retired, yet can be found in Hoarhallow, bringing hope to those hobbits in their fight against Angmar; it is also said she is married to Mayor Wat Mudbuttom, gaining his affection after saving him from a group of greenies that were trying to rid of him.-Ewoc contribution

Finradir- A man of boisterous goings, this young, wily hunter out of Ithillien comprised one of the "Three Great Hunters" of the book 12-14 era, including Tasolas and Tides, these three proved to show that hunters were no laughing matter in the area of 1v1s. Finradir was a lovable fellow, but you usually had to earn his respect in battle before he would fully accept you into his circle. He would begin his journey in prebk12, attaining the rare rank 7 at the time. He would conquer his craft of hunter in book 12-14, where he would be one of the few hunters that could take down rank 7+ reavers, which was a difficult feat with reavers having Rage of the Misbegotten and increasing their strength ten fold. During his intense battles through the Moors, he would come upon a bemusing warg named Silverpelt, whose rare shiny pelt would infatute Finradir, and he would fall in love with the warg. Betwixed by black magic, he would transform into the warg Pampers and join the armies of Angmar. Though his presence as a great hunter would be missed, he would become a great warg as well and be of equal aid to the enemy, becoming the evil that he hunted for so long had now been his identity. - Ewoc contribution

Fenore- Basically, Fenore was a broken version of Azareth, no skill whatsoever, but was a veteran. He was the first illegitimate rank 9 in the moors. You saw a name like Fenore and you're like, "wow, that guy must be something great", but he wasn't obviously, just a zergling raid baby. One of the first elves/champs/players in the moors, as well as one of the worst, he farmed most of his rank, yet he stunk at his class (and still does), he is now rank 12 tho 75% of his rank is illegitimate. Once people found out he originally farmed his rank in prebk12, Fenore fled to the shadows, never to be seen until recent times (and to play AoC apparently, which he prob sucked at, thus coming back here and failing once again). -Ewoc contribution

Faebore- He's an LM, no a burg, no a guard, no an RK. He's an RK for sure, nope a burg again, no wait, champ. Champ is boring, he's an LM again, back to his roots. No, he's a guard again. Nope. RK. Champ. Is that a fuckin hunter?...Fuckin Tiddlie. A player that is good at every class he plays, which is pretty much all of them. He proves his skill in both pve with several server firsts to his credit and in pvp where he has proven skill in both dps and healing, solo and grouped, a true master of the mechanics this game has to offer. Yet his skill in battle and tactics is only matched by his wit. Hands down the funniest person to ever play lotro. His raid tactics involve bringing the enemies morale pools to 0 with our red skills while using our green skills to prevent our pools from reaching 0. Never afraid to impersonate a random persons voice in raid chat. His humour is legendary to all those whom have grouped with him. This man is crazy and keeps this game fun as it should be. NONE COMPARE TO THE MIGHTY FAEBORE! -Atoo contribution

Ethellaf and Crew- (Aldash, Balcome, Gundred, Larsia, Ordden, Talphor, Waril, & Wilhame) or simply just Eth, is a bit of an enigma in the Gladden Ettenmoors due to what can easily be described as MMO Multi Toon Disorder (Altiholicism). He’s been around since Sept. 2008 (just before Moria) and been in and out of the Moors ever since, so while not a “true” veteran of Gladden, he has been around awhile.The thing is, most folks don’t remember him (much like his favorite NFL team The Titans) because he tends to disappear with some new toon no one knows taking his place. When he is remembered, it’s for stuff like “being that easy to kill level 60 hunter with less than 2k health” (Moria days) or some other noobish thing he’s done. He has mainly come out on his hunter (Ethellaf), who has reached the ever glorious rank of 8.5 (he sat at 7 for nearly 4 years), though lately he prefers it a bit more “easy mode” (like many creeps) and brings out on of his other toons; currently his burg Talphor, though according to some creeps he’s “…not a real burg”. At this point, most of his toons have reached or are very close to reaching the current level cap, so maybe he stick around for a while, though good luck in keeping track who is on because even he has trouble keeping up with all his toons. - Ewoc contribution

Eccentric (the elf maiden formerly known as Erilen)- This young, fertile elf maiden has a whimsical charm about her that makes the creepy, desperate men of Gladden go wild with disturbing arousal. Mistakenly, yet amusingly referred to as "Elrin-1" by the buffoon Dalok, Erilen's minstrel ways sooth the souls of those who have suffered in the moors with her sweet, calming voice, said by the elves of Rivendell to rival that of Arwen's lovely presence. She started out in the Ettenmoors in the prebk12 era with her good elf hunter friend, Namine, who vanished mysteriously, and has continued since on her journey without her, gaining different friends and enemies on the way, though taking a few breaks in between. Erilen will give you a riveting lift of spirit, lifting it in more ways than one ;), while jumping around with the joy and cuteness of an energetic puppy that just saw their owner come home after a long day's work. Furthermore, she will slap you for no apparent reason, and it's very confusing as to its meaning behind it. She is famous for not wanting to be defeated often in the moors, and if she does, she will become incensed and her wrath hath not be taken for granted; she also known as Nirrti's apprentice, teaching her the ways to twist men and bend them for her benefit. Other than that, she enjoys the simple things of life and goes about her business being nice to anyone she comes across... unless you get on her bad side. - Ewoc contribution

Dracen - the original LM. Had more ideas about lore-master and a better pvp-er than anyone I've seen. Leader of the Phalanx LM trio. *He is famous for being the master of Sowen as well as winning a famous 2v1 against Byakko (Genbu's warg) and Aeons, both being rank 5 at the time, in prebk12.* -Aris contribution/Ewoc edit*

Dorinori- Known fondly and mockingly as the “Bow Champion”, Dorinori was one of the original dwarf champions of the Ettenmoors. He acquired the nickname, Bow Champion, due to being very cowardly for a long period of time and shooting with just a bow to maintain his 3-3.5 stars consistently. Eventually though, he came out of his chodely shell, and when he bared his dual-wielding axes, he proved to be a great champion to those he came across, especially with his partner-in-crime, Pendelas, the 2 being possibly one of the most formidable champion duos ever, but probably behind Reedee and Azareth as being the most formidable. Dori and Pendelas were a death-dealing juggernaut in prebk12, making their marks and names known to the creeps that opposed them. Dori acquired Rank 7 in prebk12 to seal his veteran status in the moors and earning it efficiently. Dori went into exile after his friend Pendelas was killed by Abiss and a group of uruks in Hoarhallow (see Pendelas), and after the stupidity of Valistar befell the Moors in book 12. He is said to be a weapon smith in Thorin's Hall, recounting his tales to the young warriors that wish to come by and hear, while having famous blades by the great warrior crafted by him and given to them to use in the Moors. -Ewoc contribution

Duimegrant- The worst and most deluded champion to ever enter the moors, even worse than Thugglife's champ Osweiler, Duimegrant believes that he is the best champ on Gladden even when he isn't. He made his appearance in RoI audacity era, where his failness enveloped the moors right away. He likes to pop an absurd amount of cds whenever he 1v1s anyone and still manages to lose, even when he wins, it's by a slim margin. He even admitted that he doesnt care if he uses cds, it still makes him one of the best champs. He did this even when champs were the most op they have ever been. He summons the power of EME (some French voodoo bs he made up) to grant him strength against his foes. Even through all of his epic failures at playing a champion, Duimegrant somehow managed to get all the way to Rank 14 to become Gladden's 1st official Rank 14 Freep and 4th official rank 14 overall, behind Incendio, Wolfgash, Spiderbyte, and Ronnug; he has transferred since then to Brandywine for even more ezmode ranking, for that is what he epitomizes; he's now back to claim the "true" rank 15 for himself, though he will never be Gladden's first official "Le Generale' Capitan' ". -Ewoc contribution

Deregorn- Though this warden had arrived late on the scene in SoM, he proved to be man of formidable abilities. Quickly picking up the art of the Spear, he would become a force to be reckoned with. Akin to the "Drunken Fist" style, Deregorn would come up with his own style of combat known gas the "Stoner Spear", using deceptively slow movement to trigger hesitation and weak spots in his opponent's armor. It was not, however, until RoI that he would truly show what he was made of. In RoI, he garnered himself as the best warden. Now, he tends to sit on the edge of the Brandywine reaver, smoking Old Tobey Leaf as he smokes away his nostalgia. -Ewoc contribution

Deltron-1- Once the end of Moria came through the Moors, there had been new legions of warriors that had come through every expansion. During the beginnings of SoM, warriors from the distant lands of Silverlode came to assist the Free Peoples' of Gladden. Not much was known about these people at the time, but once could sense a certain benevolence, an old sense of honor seemingly long forgotten by many through the corrupt turmoil that came with Valistar's cowardly tactics and the madness of Kalib with the destruction that had been of a tormenting display by Genbu and Aeons that left a shadow in its wake. The Free Peoples' had received help before from the noble captain Aristeides of Windfola, but even then, more hope was needed, another leader needed to arise to provide more fervent support to the waning cause of the Freeps. That was when Deltron-1 had arrived, a man of many names as would later be seen, but this is the alias he is most known by. A captain of adequate skill, later to make it superior skill from the Gladden rigors, Deltron-1 was at the forefront of helping the Freeps get back on the right track of their victorious ways. He helped engender this with forming up with Aristeides and Phalanx, collaborating in ways to keep steadfast in their efforts to keep the enemy at bay. He would continue these efforts all the way into HD, especially when Aris took a hiatus, and has become a presence since, though he has halted his efforts a tad as of late. With all he has done in the Moors, whether leading, grouping for support, or 1v1ing and showing his prowess, Deltron-1 had established himself among Gladden's elite, even from having been an outsider before, is a welcome sight. - Ewoc contribution

Davil- This "captain" of men epitomizes "your arrogance blinds you" from what Darth Sidious said to Master Yoda...except Master Yoda was actually skilled at what he did. Davil had been a thorn in my side (and many others I assure you) for such a long time, dating back to prebk12 when he tried to "bribe" me into his kin, it makes me shutter to think about how much I had to avoid him due to his annoyance. Not only is he famous for making many a false claim about his greatness, calling himself "God's (Satan's) gift to Lotro", he also is the notorious and controversial symbolic leader of Disciples of the Hammer. When you think of DOTH, you instantly think of Davil and his zerging ways. Davil started in the moors in book 12, though shortly lived with his 45 degree "flanking" strats (still most likely used today), and became more of an unwarranted figurehead in RoI and RoR. He would lie about builds that were his, such as coming up with the mitigation build once he learned that Grimphore was using it. He would also lie about how he would fair in spars or how others in his kin would fair in spars vs. their opponents, such as saying he beat Grimphore a plethora of times, when it was the complete opposite. Davil is single-handily responsible for the influx of noob, shield using captains, thinking using a shield was>2 hander in the moors. I recount one time in RoI, he was healing with a shield for his kinmate fighting a Chieftain in TR, and he still died. For the longest time as well, Davil never even used IDOME, which was one of the most baffling things in the world. Though Davil is probably one of the most annoyingly cocky people you will ever meet in LOTRO, he is kill in the Moors.- Ewoc contribution

Danieltosh- He was a dual wielding DotH champion and would stand out as an aggressive freep player. He had a habit of bearing a hate for creeps caused by unkown reasons. He would often jump on the big ones and do what he could to bring him down. Being from Disciples of the Hammer has put a lot of prejudice on him, but he's also essential of what DotH is in the Moors. Since he was in charge of many DotH groups and would often end victorius or dead. Possibly the best champion from DotH to ever step into the Moors on line with Streetoria. Influenced by the treacherous light side he started to believe that freeps were the cure to the ettenmoors. Like Clock he would bear a grudge against any creep player. One of the things that stood out by this dwarf was his constant use of dual wielding in the Moors which is a no-no on champions. Although being somewhat arrogant in his discussions about freeps vs creeps he was an overall great champion who quit too soon during the RoI era,
PS: ask him about the creep he hate the most, yup thats me. - Tingur contribution

Corey- Much like Trix in his guile and deception in battle, Corey was an original man burglar that emigrated to the very steps of Grams itself to destroy his foes. He became famous for being one of the first people to gank greenies at the slugs and provide angst for the young creeps that were just starting. Eventually, however, this would be his downfall, as he was caught and slaughtered by one of Silentnight's raids in prebk12; though his death was said to have been terrible, his everlasting legacy on his impact of slug-ganking lives on. -Ewoc contribution

Croner- Still here, needs to revisit moors more frequently. "I will have to say that Croner led quite a few successful raids on freep sides back at the end of SOA and his rage is legendary!*" - Aris contribution/Lathius quote*

Chiknorris- Nephew of the mighty Squarian, Chiknorris, it is safe to say, had a Caitlyn Jenner complex. Providing his use to the Freeps on the eve of Moria, Chik was like many of the wardens who did not at first know their full capabilities that are so glaringly shown today. Chik's first battle of merit was at the hands of the foolish Thugglife, whom had challenged Gladden's finest warriors on the peak of Candy Mountain. Chik proved too much for the fool, sending him running off the cliff crying that "healing gambitz r illegalz", but to his fault, he had made no indication of what was allowed to be used in their fight. Whatever was allowed would have resulted in his doom regardless. After he had established his reputation more firmly off that fight, he began to dabble in the art of the Spear Bleed. He and few other wardens had mastered it at the time, and would put its use fully to work in SoM. Once he showed the might of the warden with the spear, it would become apparent to the Creeps that wardens could be nearly unstoppable in the right hands, becoming the first rank 11 warden on Gladden. Chik would continue his proliferation of deadliness throughout much of RoI, RoR, and a little bit of Helm's Deep, before settling down in Bree for a time, waiting to next strike his enemies from a phalanx of fury, leading his fellow compatriots into battle, perhaps in the scarred battleground of Osgiliath this time... - Ewoc contribution

Clown - Back when I first started on the moors in Vol1 Book 13, he could still be found on a guard named Fair. I got to know him when he joined my (at the time brand new) tribe on his warg Pet, but he truly came into his own as Clown the minstrel. My most epic memory of him is of him and some buddies running around when he was around level 40ish on his minstrel, dressed in cosmetic clothing, wielding shovels and other goofy weapons from the Shire, chasing me around outside TR when I was giving Aristeides' baby reaver his Grams map tour on his very first day on the Gladden moors before he actually transferred his cappy. It was surreal, hilarious, and very much in keeping with what appears to be Clown's battle philosophy: if you're not having fun with it, don't bother. These days we have to share custody of him with Riddermark (grrrr) but he can still be found here and there. -Urg contribution

Beldron- The first warden to make his presence felt in the Moors, his power echoed to all in the region. With the new arrival of such a potent soldier of the Freeps, the Creeps were in awe of what such a new kind of strength they possessed and how such a figure would be their desolation (no pun intended). Beldron, although not being the most skilled and raw in what a warden could truly do as shown later on, did in fact make still show that wardens were not to be trifled with, and this beginning lineage would only prove to be an aspect of this later on. He utilized the incredible healing prowess of wardens to show that they were a near invincible opponent, and design from Beldron's "turtle-tanking" style of fighting was believed to help create the conception of "Never Surrender". Once more wardens figured out how bleeds were a true warden's strength, only those of intermediate ability would be heal spec, as it was frowned upon in 1v1s for being easy mode, which Beldron never figured out, but nonetheless made his mark. Beldron still was very effective with the heals against raids, and Creeps would not dare to bother with killing him due to the asinine nature of them. - Ewoc contribution

Barth- A once very aggressive and proud hobbit minstrel in his time from prebk12-book 14, Barth was a soldier of the Ettenmoors that made his reputation known for his his fierce and vehement opposition to Genbu and Aeons, as well as his solo vagabond nature of liking to 1v1. Barth first started moreso as a raid leader for freeps in prebk12, occasionally teaming with Gleefelin, in its later stages against Angoth, the more popular raid leader for creeps in prebk12. He vanished for a short time after prebk12, and then came back as more of a solo player, occasionally helping Kalib/Valistar with their freep raids against Genbu and Aeons, where him and the brothers rivalry fueled. He enjoyed disposing of some of Genbu and Aeons' minions through 1v1s, which only made their hate for Barth even more fiery. He has now disappeared into the darkness of the Ettenmoors, believed to have been trapped and captured when attacking a greenie by Genbu and Aeons, and executed, though these are only rumors. -Ewoc contribution

Balaric- Early on before the strength of wardens was truly known, Balaric was the first hobbit warden in the Moors and was one of the first to make it known how powerful they really were. His inception being in the dawn of Moria, he struggled early on in possessing the strength required to be a prudent killing machine, as most wardens clung to the belief that the only way to win was through heal spec and that spear spec was not possible. However, a few wardens through intense training of the mind and body found a way for it to prevail through the use of their plethora of bleeds, Balaric being one of the first along with Chiknorris, Pathogenic of Meneldor, and Blackhaert. It's because of early innovations by wardens like Balaric that they have become feared opponents from the Creeps. - Ewoc contribution

Bailiff- He was a different sort of captain to put it delicately. Unlike many other captains that were known for their steadfast leadership in the face of adversity, he would be a tantalizing fixture of what you would want to see in a captain. Many times during the years of book 12-14, he would display a yelp of cowardice, notifying everyone in the raid that he was under attack and feared for his life; it was funny, yet not how a captain should be handling himself during the battle. Instilling a sense of fear in his allies was not conducive to his role, but a detriment. As a result, he did not last long, as he was torn limb from limb by wargs at the Steps of Gram, letting out his yelp one last time. Regardless, he provided an outlet of laughter for those that were able to interact with him, unfortunate or otherwise. - Ewoc contribution

Aiolis- Conceivably, this champion could be marked as one of destiny to enter the Ettenmoors. He was met at its wake by an Orc reaver on the base of Candy Mountain that would shape his fate forever in the moors as it would only engender for him great things in his future. The Burmese Basilisk as he referred to by those that he has fought with and against in a revered notion, dawned his deadly apparel in the Moors around the RoI preaud era. However, as aforementioned, it wasn't as deadly to start with, as when he ventured out as a young aspiring warrior, only to be met by crushing blades of despair and destruction as he would meet his end, shattered and brutalized on the mountain side, popping every cooldown that was bore by champions of men. His rebirth though, was synonymous to Gandalf's rebirth becoming White from Grey, as he became more powerful than one could possibly imagine (Obiwan-like too :P). The former PvE noob that was touted as a great champion before, would actually live up to his reputation in the Ettenmoors, tearing limbs from the armies of Angmar one by one, horde by horde at a time. Throughout his glorious tenure, he would prove to be the best champion in the Moors, spanning from the RoI days to now, though he was unable to retain that title on Gladden for a short time as he transferred to Brandywine. Now he hath returned, and he will now claim the title that rightfully belongs to him. Another champion with an A will claim that throne, not since seen since the days of Moria. Unfortunately, his only downside is he has Revmag tendencies. - Ewoc contribution

Althorr- Althorr has come a long way from his roots since he came from Windfola in SoM. Affectionately known by his peers as Brad Cena or John Pitt (see sexy RL pictures thread) or Zippadeedodah (the way he types his laughs), Althorr is notorious for being a true hunter, viciously ganking those who are unfortunate enough to wander by his path. Though Althorr started off bad-mediocre at first on his hunter, he eventually became one of the tops on the server due to his perseverance and extreme confidence. Once again, have you seen his pictures?! Not gay, but dam he looks good for a 40+ year old man, a mixture of Jon Cena and Brad Pitt :P. At first, I had a tad bit of disdain for him being an elf and me, a dwarf, but over the years, we had become friends and garnered respect for each other's style of play. Althorr has a few infamous rivalries, the most notable being with his archnemesis Viceras. Vic's hate for him stems for his excessive elusiveness while using Store Pots, while Althorr doesn't like the fact Vic used to multi-box in the Moors. When these two go at it, watch out, it's the complete opposite of Brokeback Mountain, though I mention this because there is a secret love between one another as male elves are known for their mistaken homosexuality due to their attractive femininity. Althorr continues to be a nuisance in the Creeps' backside and can either be a jovial ally, or a worthy adversary. The choice is yours. He is truly the Jango Fett of Gladden, who became the 2nd Rank 14 hunter on Gladden.. - Ewoc contribution

Ardook- Ardook is often mocked for his young age and he was also found guilty of farming himself. Yet as a burg he's probably one of the most deadly ever to step into the Moors where he strikes true fear into creeps, was often referred to as the "ghost" by greenies around RoI launch. -Tingur contribution

Aristeides - Once upon a time, when The Blender ruled the Gladden Ettenmoors, a great restlessness arose among the ranks of the One Tribe To Rule Them All and its allies. "Our freeps are so dominated we have no challenge anymore!" was the lament. And lo, a summons came from the distant land of Windfola. "Our server is freep dominated and our creeps are disorganized and boring," said the voice of the herald summoning. "Very well," said the voice of the One Tribe. "We will roll creeps on Windfola, and show your weakling creeps and dominant freeps that even on greenies, The Blender is a force to be reckoned with." And it was so. And the one who had issued the summons saw that it was good, and that these would truly be worthy opponents, and behold, when the Windfola visit was concluded, he returned with them. And his name was Aristeides. And his captain was mighty, and his burglar also, and in fact he expanded his scope to include creep side as well and mighty were his adventures on all of his characters. Legend has it that one day he will actually raise his voice on mic, and the world will be consumed in fire and flood upon that day. (Seriously, he always sounds so mellow even when things are going badly!) -Urg contribution

Azurelady- Though not a vet from the prebk12 era, she came into being in the book 12-14 era. She is famous for losing to a greenie warg on her rank 5 hunter, probably because she used endurance stance, as well as being the destruction of Azareth. She is thought of as of being the original lotro e-whore, trying to work her little, seductive powers upon the unsuspecting, yet desperate and easy-to-manipulate souls of Gladden. Eventually, she worked her way to Azareth (see "Tragic Tale of Azareth") and tried to mingle with him cyber-sensually. Azareth was reluctantly angry at first, laughing at her in opposition with his group of cohorts, but when left alone, she struck! The two became peas in a pod together, and Azareth taught her to become a better warrior, such as switching from endurance to strength on hunter, though she still was a little under mediocre at best. The two ventured all over together, and being derided made them transfer. Azurelady's succubus ways eventually destroyed Azareth, and eerie legend says she looks to break another great warrior with her vile, twisting nature... -Ewoc contribution

Azareth-The tale of this warrior is of greatness, and sadly ends in tragedy. It is commonly known as "The Tragic Tale of Azareth" being akin to "The Tragedy of Macbeth" in epicness. Known as the leader of the Croatian Crew, Azareth was a soldier of great promise in the Coldfells army, showing his prowess in battle time after time, indirectly leading the freeps to Glory (literally). As he became stronger, Azareth became one of the greatest Champions the Gladden Moors has ever seen. He perfected the way of kiting champ on Gladden, which became a popular style of champion fighting up to SoM, till a new style of pure melee toe-to-toe fighting was innovated by a transfer champion (Shockandawe of Silverlode) of great skill. To this day, I think Azareth may have been the most fluent strafer I have seen in this game, the way his double bladed grace flowed in the wind as well as his full-crimson regalia. Azareth had 3 apprentices: Mariuss, Mosthated, and Reedee, his last, yet most prolific apprentice. Azareth can be described as cocky, pompous, and elitist, pretty much an all-around doosh, but if you knew him he had a little soft side to him that made you lol. He also would never turn down a fight from someone's asinine challenge made to him, which caused their destruction. He also was the first 5 star champion on Gladden and server wide I believe, naming himself Azareth Starfarmer, as well as accomplishing such a feat on hunter.* He fought with his friends with glorious aptitude for a long time...until one day... a succubus came upon him by the name of Azurelady. Ironically, Azareth hated Azurelady at first, but her succubus ways consumed his soul and took his heart. Over time, I had lost contact with Azareth completely, as eventually he was down on hand and knee for her every dastardly whim. They eventually transfered to Elendilmir together after repeated ridicule of their relationship, then to Brandywine, then to Silverlode...where Azareth finally cracked. Azareth had become insane and mad over Azurelady, and the dark love that consumed his soul ultimately destroyed him and all what he was... Moral of the story: don't cyber with e-whores and give them the attention/satisfaction in a VIDEO GAME, that's just pathetic, unless they are really, REALLY hot, which most of the time isn't the case. Legend says one day he shall return in his familiar regalia and to his former glory, more powerful than one can possibly imagine. -Ewoc contribution/Brenwath edit*

Vinner - A legend of Gladden. Back in the day, his excuse for wandering around the moors, ungrouped, often wearing cosmetic clothing (particularly dresses, a predilection shared by a few other guards of the pre-MoM era), seemingly unconcerned by the presence of the enemy, was that he played on a horrible laggy computer. Now he's apparently upgraded his computer and connection, but he still tends to wander around the moors (on his reaver Izergz) looking for solo fights (he is one of Gladden's most enthusiastic 1v1 fighters and will challenge anybody and everybody) and ignoring the presence of large enemy groups. Vinner has been known to wander through an entire raid and make it out without a scratch, because he's died so many times that he's earned a certain amount of kill immunity. "I see a freep... oh it's only Vinner," I remember from back in the day, and the raid wouldn't even bother targeting him. -Urg Contribution

Dijerry Doooo Descriptions

Revas- Before the scourge of STDs that was Revmag plagued the Moors of a chodely discord, there was another... This one of Australian acuity. Revas had only moments of brevity when perusing the moors in his quest to attain stars, being one of the main starhuggers out in the moors when DF was a valuable commodity to have on hunter, averaging at 3.5-4 stars in the prebk12 era at rank 6. Though he slowly faded away as book 12 came along, Revas was remembered as the first true dwarf hunter in the moors that would leave his wide, fat footprint on the Middle Earth soil of battle. - Ewoc contribution

Orlandy- Orlandy, adopted son of the elf lord Doolaran, was the heir to the kin "The Elite", a hallucination of Australian thought as many weren't elite (save my son Atoo), he was a man champion of mischievous intent. Back when there was a young guardian at lvl 46 who came to explore the Moors at TA at STAB against the creep forces in prebk12, he using the mighty AFK communication requested his death from the creeps, as him and his freep compatriots would not interfere. This left an impression on the young guardian, as he would come out stronger than ever before and remember those words that Orlandy spewed on that day. - Ewoc contribution

Shadowthol- Leader of the Amazing Australian Aborigine Appendages, Shadow was once the greatest minstrel on Gladden. He was one of the two original aussies of the moors. Back in book 6-7 of moria, only 2 reavers could defeat him, Nishnok and a nameless warrior. Turbine said he is too epic for the moors, so he is not allowed to ever enter on his minstrel again, especially them being as op as they are now. Him and his gay partner Tanki used to plague the moors in the days of prebk12 when no one was out, and would also pal around with the insane Kalib and Erickthered. He transferred to Elendilimir, then after realizing how bad it was, came back here and now boxes occasionally. -Ewoc contribution

Strobe- The son of Shadowthol, he was conceived after Shadowthol mated with a female beorning, and ofc being the sick, twisted Australian he was, he decided to make love to her in her bear form. Though his father is busy traveling with the Viagra Vagabonds band, Strobe seeks to take the place of his father in the Moors in its defense, becoming the first Beorning to fight for the Free Peoples' since the days of the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain set off with Thorin to seek Bilbo and take back their home, meeting the mighty Beorn along the way. It took him only 11 hours to uncover his true strength, believed to have snuck into Shadow's magical "elf stalk-grower". - Ewoc contribution

Tanki- An Aussie lm that was being brokeback mountain with his friend Shadowthol that does not like to die, but it's fun when he does to make him QQ, so make sure to target him on any of his toons. He was also one of the original aussies along with his friend Shadow. He many a time ventured out in the moors with him to guard the moors in the late hours when there was few creeps out to make sure that havoc was not wreaked. Tho he was only lvl 40ish, Tanki played better than most of the lms out there in prebk12 and book 12-14, besides the 3 great ones Khaotik, Sowen, and Dracen. -Ewoc contribution

Eskemo- She is the self-proclaimed greatest GAYYEEEEEE Australian. I met this Elf Runekeeper when she attemped to steal my precious worms in Angmarr that I was trying to kill to add to my deeds of Valor before she entered the Ettenmoors. She now is a high rank in the Freep Army. -Ewoc contribution

Atoo- Everyone has their doppelgangers. Atoo is the doppelganger of Shadow as he is ring leader when he hangs around with his friend Belegarod, as it was with Shadow and Tanki. He is a pretty epic guy with a pretty epic name and is also pretty. He has the potential to be a great lm in the moors if he went out there more often. He also named his guardian after a famous lotro warrior. He has identity issues. He can be found commonly on his champ, Nudes (who he named after Azareth before, again, identity issues). He is also the greatest Australian Lotro player in the universe, due to being trained by the American known as the "Oh Mighty Juden-ler". -Ewoc contribution

Belegarod- Tho not as big of a doppelganger as Atoo, Bel takes the place of Tanki as being a doppelganger. Him and Atoo do the same thing by being Brokeback mountain with each other, ofc Aussie style. They enjoy drinking Fosters and putting shrimp on the barbie, as well as the satanic goat screwing ritual to the bestiality gods. Atoo has bestowed the title of Bel being the "Greatest Indigenous Aborigine" in Lotro.* -Ewoc contribution/Atoo edit*

Lintalthir - A precocious Australian hunter that had skill for a Bards ----->. A former member of Dark Paradigm, with a large and fatal attraction to Finradir*, though his love can never be with due to the curse of high ping and a broken mic. -Blackhaert contribution/Seredir edit*

Ootyfast- "Welcome to the Ettenmoors, motha fucka, ur playing for the wrong side" was the induced drunken greeting this mad hobbit and self-proclaimed as read in his bio "warg-killing extraordinaire" would give to a greenie he killed in his raid. Ootyfast was a rather strange indiviual, your typical Australian of course, always referring to himself in 3rd person, but he was loved by many pvpers in the book 12-14 days, where he came to fruition. As he escorted his friend Tortmund Cliffside away from the evil creeps, he visited Whorehallow to flirt and phuck the big bosom hobbits, promoting his womanizing nature that showed with his old, creepy charm to the lotro ladies. His weird approach of attacking creeps by just sitting right in front of them looking useless truly "befuddled" his opponents with his burglar ways. He was famous for grouping with Valistar as his 2nd in command and target caller, sometimes making his own raids, as well as spending countless hours preparing the defences of the keeps by getting ore in Arador's End, while avoiding the deadly drakes that nest upon there. He is also famous for creating "Dead Dingo Rock", where he and his raid would jump on top of a rock north of Lugazag to avoid the creeps, as well as killing many wargs that did manage to get on the rock with sprint, thus the name it was dawned with. Though he was probably one of the worst burgs in the history of Gladden, exemplified by his use of addle on reavers before it could be chained together 1v1, as well as his discovering of "Find Footing" on his burglar at Rank 10, he still will always be remember fondly for his rousing, tho repetitive, speeches in the Gladden pvpers' hearts. "Viva La Free Peoples!" was his rallying cry to inspire those around him to greater deeds. It is said by many throughout Gladden that he was supposed to return soon in RoR, though not seen, but this little sneaky hobbit most likely has come back for all we know, possibly blending in with the folk of Hoarhallow, maybe soon-to-be elected as mayor there since Watt Muddbuttom is always on the verge of death and seems to have trouble wiping his hiney, perhaps envoking an impeachment. -Ewoc contribution