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Reminiscent Rampage: Thought's of Aris

I remember my first night on the server (after transferring to follow the Soldiers here and defeat them on their own turf), we had a fight of a full-Phalanx raid (~20ish people) against 35 creeps- Soldiers+others. I will never forget that night. It was insane action. The very first skirmish just outside of GV lasted a good 30-40 minutes.

Some other epic battles:

"They have 42"
Not really a battle, but one of the most legendary encounters. Gleefellin and Vurgash arrived at the Isen Outpost with 42 creeps at their side, only to discover that 24 freeps were inside. After making this shocking revelation, Glee and Vurg believed they did not outnumber the freeps enough, and promptly departed. To this day, the number "42" is often seen in GLFF and freep OOC to describe how many creeps are at a certain location... even if that is not truly the case.

"How Bizarre"
The original playing of OMC's one hit on the mic happened after 18ish freeps wiped an entire raid with all of Lumber Camp pulled. The fight lasted 40-45 minutes with creeps continually rezzing and mapping back in, until, 3-4000 renown later, the Didnthurt/Vurgash freep hordes finally succumbed.

"Creep Blender meets Freep Blender"
In the Vurg/Aeons days, we developed a special freep blender to cut through the reaver minions. The strategy was simple: allow the Champions to tear apart the melee while hunters and LMs burned down one healer at a time.

"Hello, DoTH"
DoTH full raid plus all of TR (including CG) versus a ragtag group of creeps led by Creamsicle and Spiderbyte. Creeps win, after DoTH survives long enough to run back from the rest 8-9 times and deliver plenty of infamy for all.

"The Original Middle Landing Fight"
The mother of all gladden fights. The only players still active who may remember this are myself and Clown. I recall Hecphant was with us, as well as a level 42 champion, and probably Winnwyn. But I can't recall who else was on the famed lugs middle landing when only EIGHT of us held back an entire creep raid for over an hour. Finally realizing the futility of their efforts, the creep raid left and we all simply walked out of lugs, unharmed and un-killed (save for the 42, who died several times). Afterwards, several screenshots were taken and posted, and Didnthurt had an aversion to keep middle landings for the rest of his existence.

Some personal favorites:

"No Man-Healing Allowed"
Croner and I once 2v3d 3 reavers on our captains, back in the level 60 era. The only rule was: no man-healing. After winning the 2v3, Croner and I stood over their three defeated corpses and ......... man-healed.

"We got this"
15 Phalanx were backed into a corner at the slug pits of Gram, facing 25-30 creeps. Tides simply said "we got this" and the charge was sounded. Gariador and Daisyfleur kept everyone alive, while Insano, Tides, and Primitive tore through the creep hordes.

"Uncle Ray-Ray"
Silvey (Cyphin), Viceras, Halborg, and I were standing outside of TR when 8 creeps came along. The entire fight Silvey kept telling us that "Uncle Ray Ray" was "on it." Uncle Ray Ray turned out to be his pet lynx.

My lore-master had just reached level 60. Under-geared and foolishly brave, I challenged the mighty Genbu to a duel. He won, but failed to notice I had my eagle rez available. While gloating his victory, I resurrected myself and brought down an ent-stomp upon his mostly-dead self. Victory was... ours?

"Let's see what happens"
Once, Urgbuz and my captain dueled for an hour before calling it a draw. It was a colossal waste of time, but also hilarious.