They say that those who "Do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it". Well, for when I get bored sometimes and there are patches up so the servers are down, etc., I thought I compose a list of many of the notorious/famous players, particularly veterans of Gladden. I believe I did something like this before describing many of the old veterans to someone out of boredom to tell them what old pvp was like, and I guess I'm gonna do it again for ur entertainment. Some of this list is made in jest as well as SERIOUSNESSZZZ! I like being a lotro history buff, so here you go! Some may be longer than others, but that's only because I'm more familiar with some than others, and I'll add on as many people that I feel like. To the very few REAL LOTRO vets left, if you wish to add anything, feel free to let me know. If you want to be on this list, you can request it, but I'll describe u the way I see fit in a truthful way(usually in a a positive manner). In addition, if you wanna describe someone else, you can type one up and I'll copy it in (generally by their admission).
*Narrated with Faramir's voice (David Wenham) from 300*

UPDATE 16.3 (August 3rd, 2015): Gladden remains an official pvp server!

Timeline since Ettenmoors
Prebk 12, Book 12-14 (lvl 50), Moria (Book 6-8 lvl 60), SoM (lvl 65), RoI (preaud-aud era lvl 75), RoR (update 9-11 lvl 85), Helm's Deep (update 12-13 lvl 95), West Gondor (update 14-14.2 lvl 100), Central Gondor (Update 15-15.4), East Gondor (Update 16-16.1).

Timeline since Osgiliath
Update 16.2-16.5, 17 (lvl 100), Update 17-19.3, 20-20.2 (lvl 105), Mordor Update 21 (lvl 115)

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Ewoc Eme of the Lonely Mountain ;)

History of Freeps in Gladden
History of Creeps in Gladden
Great Battles
Ettenmoors Events
The Chronicles of Gladden's Ettenmoors by Genbu (pre-MoM)
Kins and Reputation