Throughout our illustrious history and because of the influx of transfers, we've had many vagabonds of warriors journey through the Ettenmoors of Gladden, making their mark for good or for ill. Regardless of how their presence was detailed, we value the memories that they leave in their wake. Here's a list of names that have been through our server or still grace it:

Sheznik- Blackarrow (Silverlode)
Doh- weaver (Silverlode)
-contributed by Agentorange

Brio (Imladris)- guard
Dynamics (Imladris) - mini
Chaith (Imladris) - burg
Mykoh (Imladris) - cappy
Nemexida (Imladris) - mini
Inacthas (Imladris) - Rk
Flirtacious (Imladris)- hunter formerly Jangofettin
Xethias (Imladris?) - champ
Troxi (Imladris?) - lm
Glaewon (Imladris) - warden
Achaius (Imladris) - warden
Meldo (champion from Imladris)- left
Aglathion(captain from Imladris) - left
Kriptic(captain from BW/Imladris)- left
- Contributed by Brio

Skulkins- warg (warg made on Gladden, from Firefoot with 2 other toons from there)* -
Contributed by Skulkins

Adieu- (warg left from Firefoot)
Immigrant- reaver (BW)
Purpkush- warleader (BW)
Sleaze- reaver (BW)
Niminroth- warden(Imladris)
Bashinyourskullin- warleader (Arkenstone?)
- Contributed by Ewoc